Dancing With the Stars 2013 Live Recap: Freestylin’ Finals Performances
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Live Recap: Freestylin’ Finals Performances

The time has come Dancing With the Stars fans: The 2013 finals are upon us, and by this time tomorrow, our fave Season 16 contestants and pros will be putting on their dancing shoes for the very last time. But we still have one more night of dazzling performances, including the highly anticipated Freestyle round! The DWTS couples will each be dancing three dances this evening, so get ready for a long night of memorable ballroom moments.

Until the performances kick off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, here’s the list of what each DWTS pair — and their pro counterparts — will be dancing in the Finals:

Aly Raisman & Mark Ballas, Samba, Cha-Cha Challenge, Freestyle

Zendaya Coleman & Val Chmerkovskiy, Samba, Cha-Cha Challenge, Freestyle

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough, Quickstep, Cha-Cha Challenge, Freestyle

Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff, Jive, Cha-Cha Challenge, Freestyle

Now that you know what to expect, join in on the fun below as Wetpaint Entertainment gets ready to live recap the Dancing With the Stars 2013 Finals. And since we know you have a lot of feelings (we do too!), tell us what you think of the episode in the comments.

We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns. Keep refreshing for more, and until the performances start, here’s a GIF of Val and Zendaya being adorable.

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8:00 -- Welcome to the finals, y'all! Who's ready for the Freestyles?

8:05 -- Oy. Val was injured during rehearsals! It looks like Zendaya kicked him in the face...?

8:05 -- Jacoby calls Len his "light skinned grandfather." As if we didn't already love Jacoby.

9:07 -- How would you kick a peanut, Jacoby? How would you kick a peanut?!

8:08 -- Alright, Tom. That Peanut joke was pretty funny.

8:10 -- Jacoby's first Finals dance is the Jive, aka Jacoby's favorite dance of the season. Here's to another high-flying performance!

8:12 -- Love that Jacoby is wearing his signature color: Raven's purple!

8:13 -- So... I haven't heard this song since 2007, but I'm not ashamed to say this was my ringtone for a solid year.

8:14 -- I don't think this is the right music for a Jive. Anyone else think it seemed a bit awkward?

8:15 -- "This judges' pick is all about seeing improvement, and there was improvement," says Len.

8:15 -- Bruno just called Len Gandalf the Great -- and this is why WE LOVE BRUNO.

8:16 -- "I think the peanuts won," says Carrie Ann. I have to agree with the judges on this one. This wasn't Jacoby's best dance.

8:17 -- So does Jacoby think he can beat Zendaya and Kellie? "By the grace of God."

8:18 -- 9-9-9 for Jacoby and Karina's Jive! Honestly, we think they were a little to kind with those scores.

8:23 -- Don't forget to vote for your favorite DWTS pair! You can find all of the Dancing With the Stars 2013 voting numbers here.

8:24 -- Aly and Mark's judges' pick dance is the Samba.

8:25 -- I wish Bruno was my life coach. That is all.

8:26 -- Aly still doesn't know what to do with her arms...

8:27 -- Anyone else feel like these Season 16 contestants are digressing in the Finals? This Samba was ALL OVER THE PLACE.

8:28 -- OK, well, the judges seem to really this. What are they seeing?! Also, Carrie Ann, stop trying to tell Aly she's the perfect mix of all of the contestants -- Jacoby's swagger, Kellie's perfect lines, and Zendaya's musicality. Really?!

8:29 -- Also, we don't like how provocative this show is forcing Aly to become.

8:29 -- 9-9-10 for Aly and Mark's Samba. Overscored? I think so.

8:33 -- Kellie and Derek are dancing the Quickstep for their judges' pick. And of course Len is helping Derek and Kellie this week. OF COURSE. We all know Derek is Len's favorite.

8:35 -- Len is helping Kellie and Derek with their hold, and we think he just used the term "knobbly bit."

8:36 -- Why black and white filter, why?!

8:36 -- Kellie is like a DWTS fembot. She can literally do no wrong. This Quickstep make be her best dance all season.

8:38 -- We're pretty sure Tom would have given that Quickstep a 10.

8:38 -- "I got so excited, I was nearly flatulating." TMI, Len!

8:40 -- 10-10-10 for Kellie and Derek! Did anyone thing they were going to be scored anything less?

8:46 -- Poor Val, and his pretty face.

8:47 -- Zendaya and Val are dancing the Samba for their judges' pick, and Zendaya hasn't danced in heels for the past few weeks, so this should be interesting.

8:48 -- This Samba is flawless. Also, we're loving Zendaya's fiery personality on the dance floor.

8:50 -- Len calls it "eye-popping" and "show-stopping" -- and we have to agree. That was excellent.

8:52 -- 10-10-10 for Zendaya and Val! Well deserved, Valdaya.

8:56 -- We think that injury was well worth it, right Val?

9:00 -- It's time for the Cha-Cha Relay Challenge! The couple that does the best gets 5 points, and the couple who comes in last gets 2 points.

9:00 -- Kellie and Derek are up first! It's a little too stiff for my liking, but as per usual, it's technically perfect.

9:01 -- Jacoby and Karina are always a joy to watch, but Cha-Cha isn't Jacoby's best dance.

9:01 -- Aly and Mark sure like to shimmy.

9:02 -- Valdaya is just... well, perfect.

9:02 -- "This is the four that I think deserve to be in the Finals," says Len. I agree -- and we totally called that in Week 2.

9:03 -- "Zendaya, it's like you are a Cha-Cha," says Carrie Ann.

9:04 -- "Who do you think did the best out there?" Crickets.

9:05 -- 4th Place: Jacoby and Karina (2 points); 3rd Place: Aly and Mark (3 points); 2nd Place: Kellie and Derek (4 points); 1st Place: Zendaya and Val (5 points)!

9:08 -- Bring on the Freestyles!

9:12 -- Jacoby's Mardi Gras Freestyle is going to be EVERYTHING.

9:13 -- I don't think I've every seen such a spectacle for a Freestyle performance. There are so many people in this dance!

9:15 -- Shirtless Jacoby is always a good thing, but does his energy seem low, or is it just me?

9:16 -- FYI this song is "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore.

9:16 -- I wanted to like this more than I actually did...

9:17 -- "It was unique," says Carrie Ann (in the nicest way possible).

9:18 -- I agree with the judges: It outshined him.

9:19 -- 9-9-9 for Jacoby and Karina's Freestyle, giving them a total of 56.

9:22 -- Tom Bergeron is taking a moment to let the viewers know ABC's thoughts are with everyone in Oklahoma City and those affected by the tornado.

9:25 -- Aly and Mark's Freestyle looks insane with this vertical bar.

9:26 -- Mark describes Aly's Freestlye as "futuristic." I ask, "Why are there stripper poles?!"

9:27 -- Mark Ballas is freaking out right now. He's not a fan of heights. Umm, Mark, this was YOUR IDEA!

9:29 -- I want to be on Mark and Aly's planet.

9:30 -- Honestly, those poles did not look very stable.

9:30 -- If only there was more dancing, amirite?

9:31 -- "Back in the day, I worked a pole, and it is not easy!" Oy. Carrie Ann.

9:32 -- "I'm dubbing you Alexandra the Great," says Len.

9:32 -- What is with Mark's Avatar-inspired face paint?

9:33 -- 10-10-10 for Aly and Mark's Freestyle, making their total 61.

9:35 -- Sad to say, but I'm really not a fan of these Freestyles so far. I'm disappointed. Are you?

9:38 -- I'm pretty excited for Kellie and Derek's Freestyle. I like how he's focusing on the dancing, not the spectacle. They're stripping everything down. I think it's the right approach.

9:40 -- "I wouldn't even do this with some of the professionals." No pressure, Derek.

9:41 -- Are we watching So You Think You Can Dance right now?! This is epic.

9:43 -- I think that might be my favorite Dancing With the Stars routine EVER.

9:43 -- Len just gave Kellie a standing ovation, and it was truly well-deserved. That was seriously so beautiful.

9:45 -- "I wasn't planning on doing this season, but at the last minute, I did it. There had to be a plan, and now I know what that plan was -- it was Kellie." Stop it, Derek. You're making us emotional.

9:45 -- 10-10-10 for Kellie and Derek, making their total 64 points. Let it be known Len said he would have given it a 11.

9:50 -- It's going to be tough to go after that.

9:51 -- How low can your shirt go, Val?

9:52 -- Zendaya's Freestyle dance is a mix of Cha-Cha, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop. Oh, and there are KIDS involved.

9:53 -- These kids are adorable.

9:54 -- Tonight, Val is showing you off, Zendaya.

9:55 -- Zendaya and Val are always so fun to watch, especially when they dance to Justin Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat." I am loving this dance. After Kellie and Derek's emotional dance, we really needed something fun.

9:55 -- Also, these kids are better dancers than I will ever be.

9:56 -- "You're classy, you're sassy, you're fun -- you're just divine, my dear," says Carrie Ann.

9:57 -- Um, did Kellie and Derek fans break ABC.com?!

9:58 -- 10-10-10 for Zendaya and Val, making their final score 65! Valzaya gets the perfect score of the night.

9:59 -- Val's message to the viewers: "Be good parents out there!" Alright, Val. Thanks?

What did you think of tonight's Dancing With the Stars finals performances? Which one was your favorite? Sound off in the comments!