The Voice 2013 Live Recap: The Final Night of Blind Auditions! (10/7/13)
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The Voice

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: The Final Night of Blind Auditions! (10/7/13)

In the words of the late great Michael Jackson (and Cee Lo Green's style inspiration), this is it! The last night of blind auditions is upon us, and the judges are tasked with finalizing their teams to prepare for the much-anticipated battle rounds.

Last week, coach Adam Levine snagged early fan favorite Ashley DuBose, who lit up the stage with "Diamonds" by Rihanna. Christina had some good wins too, like country crooner
Olivia Henken (sorry Blake, you snooze you lose!) and indie soul artist Stephanie Anne Johnson. Cee Lo picked up R. Anthony while Blake won over wedding singer Sam Cerniglia.

But who will judges pick to round out their teams tonight?
Join us at Wetpaint Entertainment as we live recap the last of the blinds starting at 8 p.m. ET, and be sure to keep refreshing this page for all the latest updates.

Let's get started!

Matt Cermanski

Returning to The Voice stage for a second time, Phoenixville native Matt was ready to come back and wow the judges with his new and improved vocals. During his first go 'round, he performed "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry, and his nerves unfortunately got the best of him. The judges gave him some great feedback, and he came back a new singer.

This time, a more confident Matt picked up his guitar and sang “Have a Little Faith In Me” by John Hiatt.

Without a moment's hesitation, Adam Levine pressed his button, obviously impressed with the singer's special sound. Blake Shelton followed suit shortly after, and it wasn't long before Cee Lo Green turned his big red chair too.Adam remembered Matt right away, calling his first audition "weird." Leave it to Adam to keep it real! Blake said he was "excited" by Matt's falsetto, while Cee Lo kept his pitch short and sweet — just like him.

Oh, and, of course, Blake used the opportunity to boast three wins under his country western belt.

Unfortunately for Blake, his boasting didn't do him any favors, and Matt picked Adam as his coach for Season 5.

Diego Roman Navairo

Twenty-two-year old San Antonio native Diego Roman Navairo comes from a musical background — and a pretty famous one at that! Although his dad was a well known Tejano star who worked with the late Selena, Lupe had his own musical dreams, and even started his own rock band with his brother.

Singing "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol, Diego had a lot of passion and rasp in his performance, but unfortunately none of the judges turned. Christina explained that at this point in the competition, they have to be picky. Cee Lo said he did a great job, but he just didn't have what they were looking for. And so Diego exited stage left.

Tamara Chauniece

Texas gal Tamara Chauniece started singing in the church and realized she wanted to do it professionally when she was just 7. At age 11, she made her first record and sold albums out of the trunk of her car. Impressive!

Unfortunately, Tamara gave up the dream at 18 and settled for a desk job, but she never forgot her gospel roots and her love for music. By auditioning for The Voice, Tamara is confident she can break away from her day job as a leasing agent and become the recording artist she was always destined to be.

Singing “1+1” by Beyonce, Tamara impressed Christina immediately with her strong and steady vocal. After Xtina turned, it wasn't long before Cee Lo did the same.

Cee Lo said her performance was everything it needed to be and nothing more, while Christina said Tamara's performance touched her heart. Xtina played the "I started singing when I was 7 too!" card, while Cee Lo said it's not too late for him to find his faith (adding that "Jesus look goood!").

After following her gut instinct, the Southern gospel girl picked papa Green. Or should we say Father Green.

Brandon Chase

Arlington native Brandon Chase fell in love with music as a kid and even graduated college early to move to Nashville to "soak up everything." As a baby, he had some major health complications and almost didn't make it. As a result, Brandon doesn't take anything in life for granted and will do whatever it takes to fulfill his destiny as a country singer.

Brandon chose “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes, a song that brought out the tender quality of his spirit, as well as his strength. Blake Shelton was won over after just a few short bars, turning around and bopping along to Brandon's performance. Cee Lo pressed his button as well, much to Blake's annoyance.

Cee Lo didn't waste any time with his pitch, bashing Blake for being insincere. Blake quickly brushed him off and played the country music card (obviously). Cee Lo then came back rambling something irrelevant about Michael Jackson's jacket, which is really all he had since it was a given from the start that Brandon would choose his fellow country crooner.

And, just as we expected, Brandon joined Team Blake Shelton.

Lupe Carroll

Twenty-six-year old Lupe Carroll loves delivering flowers as his day job, but he's ready to become a professional singer. He grew up in a musical home, and now performs whenever he can at farmers markets and festivals on the weekends.

With the support of his wife — and his trusty guitar — Lupe took The Voice star with a unique and pleasant rendition of "If I Were a Carpenter" by Bobby Darin/Johnny Cash. Cee Lo was the first and only coach to give the artist a button push, and by default, Lupe landed on team Cee Lo.

However, Blake showed a bit of remorse, admitting he screwed up by not turning around. But as Christina confirmed, Lupe is in good hands with the Goodie Mob artist.


Jacksonville, Florida native Grey started singing at a young age and even went to college to study music. But the music biz turned out to be more challenging than she expected, and in order to pay the bills she started singing with a wedding band while working part-time at a clothing store. But she's always pictured herself as a real superstar, traveling and sharing her music with the world.

Adam was the first to express his desire for 50 shades of this talented artist, but he wasn't the only one. Blake pressed his button shortly after, smiling at the sight of the brunette beauty. Cee Lo turned around at the last minute, impressed with her rendition of "Catch My Breath" by Kelly Clarkson.

Blake started wooing the contestant right away, calling his fellow coaches a "dead end." Cee Lo liked her polite and friendly performance, while Adam noticed her ability to get bigger and better as the performance went on, calling her "extraordinary."

After a painstaking, anxiety-provoking commercial break, Grey finally picked Adam as her coach — and with that, the rocker's team was complete!

Dominic Scott Kay

Seventeen-year-old Dominic Scott Kay is no stranger to entertainment. Not only did he grow up acting in films as a kid, but he also has music in his genes. In fact, his dad is the drummer for The Commodores! But Dominic always wanted to succeed in the music biz on his own without using his family's connections.

Following in his father's footsteps, Dominic sang "Easy" by The Commodores, but he didn't have such an easy time with the classic tune and delivered a rather nasal performance. None of the coaches turned their chairs, however they did all agree that Dominic has something special. The teen was thankful for their thoughtful advice, and left the stage with his head held high.

Michael Lynch

Latin/pop singer Michael Lynch started taking his music career seriously in college, and moved to Mexico City immediately after to record some demos. But as an American, he had difficulty breaking into the biz and soon found himself back home Chicago where he now spends his days doing landscaping.

Insisting he's not trying to be something he's not, Michael took the stage with one of his favorite tunes — “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias. After his impressive opening note, Christina turned around and started dancing in her chair. It wasn't long before Blake and Cee Lo followed suit.

Blake started his speech by complimenting Michael's perfect pitch and "cool vest," while Christina identified with the contestant's love for Latin culture and language. Blake admitted he can't speak Spanish or do the salsa or "any of that crap," but he can win this show.

In the end, Michael picked Xtina for her expertise in bilingual music, rounding out the diva's team — at which point Christina jumped out of her chair to "bailamos" with her new team member!

Deanna Johnson

Southern sweetheart Deanna Johnson comes from a super small town in Georgia, but surprisingly, she's not a country singer. This aspiring pop artist finds inspiration from soul singers like Adele, but with only two years experience under her belt at the age of 17, her nerves could be a major pitfall.

And sure enough, her inexperience is what kept Blake and Cee Lo from turning and rounding out their teams. Although they were impressed with her unique sound and take on "Stars" by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, they noted that she needs a few more years of practice. We couldn't agree more, and hope she comes back to knock the coaches off their chairs next season.

Brian Pounds

Growing up in Austin, Texas, Brian Pounds had dreams of becoming a professional athlete, but during his senior year of high school, he discovered another passion — playing the guitar. After college, he started writing his own music and playing gigs. But as most struggling artists know, living by your guitar isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Hoping to get his big break on The Voice, Brian crooned the classic country tune "Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker. Blake turned his chair first, and proceeded to hoot and holler when Cee Lo did the same. You'd have thought someone stole his cocktail!

Blake started his pitch by complimenting Brian's sound and ability to tell a story — what country music is all about. Christina jumped into the convo to vouch for her pal Cee Lo, encouraging the contestant to shake things up and take a chance on the eclectic coach. Much to Blake's frustration, Adam backed up the pop diva.

But none of it mattered because Blake had this one in the bag from the get-go. After little hesitation, Brian become the final member of Team Blake Shelton.

Shawn Smith

Utica, New York native and former soldier Shawn Smith finds his release in music. After suffering a severe concussion during a tour in Iraq, he lost 80 percent hearing in his right ear when his car ran over an IED.

Looking to heal his spirit with music, Shawn took the stage with “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band, a song befitting to his experiences fighting for freedom. Cee Lo was the only coach with an open spot, and he couldn't have been prouder to press his button for the talented war vet.

Cee Lo defended his decision to complete his team with a country artist by reminding viewers that he's from Atlanta, Georgia and that he was "country before country was cool." Yeah, whatever you say, Cee Lo. We'll believe that when we see you rocking a pair of Blake's cowboy boots!

What did you think of tonight's final round of blind auditions? Which coach has the best team? Share your thoughts in the comments below and tune next Monday at 8 p.m. ET for the first round of battles!