Dancing With the Stars Live Recap: Season 17 Finals — Everybody Freestyle!
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Live Recap: Season 17 Finals — Everybody Freestyle!

Can you believe it's almost over, Dancing With the Stars fans? Season 17 comes to a close this week, and we're being honest when we say this is anyone's Mirror Ball!

From fan favorite, Bill Engvall, to most improved, Jack Osbourne, and frontrunners, Corbin Bleu and Amber Riley, this is the first season that has us completely stumped. After 10 weeks of blood, sweat, and tears, the final four have one last chance to wow the judges, as each couple will compete in three dance rounds: a judges' pick, a samba relay, and the highly anticipated freestyle. (We can't wait to see what Bill and pro partner Emma Slater have planned for their sure-to-be-hilarious freestyle!) One star will be eliminated at the end of the show, and the three remaining couples will perform a fusion dance before a new Mirror Ball winner is crowned on Tuesday, November 26 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Amber and her pro partner Derek Hough are coming off a near-perfect score in the Semifinals, with Corbin and Karina Smirnoff hot on their tails. However, Bill and Emma prove to be unstoppable when it comes to charming viewers, while Jack seems to embody what this show is about — taking someone with no dance experience and turning them into a star. Here's hoping tonight one couple will break away from the pack, because right now, it's anyone's Mirror Ball.

OK, Dancing With the Stars fans, now that you know what to expect, join in on the fun below as Wetpaint Entertainment gets ready to live recap the Season 17 finals! And since we know you have a lot of feelings (we do too!), tell us what you think of the episode in the comments.

We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns. Keep refreshing for more!

8:03 — Maybe Kellie Pickler should stick to the dancing?

8:05 — At least Kellie looks cute, and as the reigning Mirror Ball champ, that's all we can really ask for.

8:06 — Of course Amber's intro is really all about Derek Hough.

8:08 — "I have a new best friend and fake daughter." Aww, Bill! Stop it. You're too cute.

8:08 — The judges have chosen the Viennese Waltz for Bill and Emma. We're excited to see how Bill's improved. Could he get his first 10 of the season?

8:10 — Bill is really feeling this music.

8:11 — Who's cutting onions... because we seem to have a little something in our eyes.

8:12 — "You're Cinderella, and you got to come to the ball, which is wonderful." Finally, Len. We can agree on something! Bill Engvall is the Cinderella of Season 17.

8:13 — The judges praise Bill for his sincerity and honesty, but note that he lost his timing a bit.

8:14 — 8-8-8 for Bill and Emma's Viennese Waltz. We think that's a fair score, although we would have loved to have seen Len give him a 9.

8:20 — The judges pick Corbin and Karina's Week 3 Quickstep to re-do. Len wants to see more control.

8:20 — "It was a bit ugly." We're going to miss you on DWTS, Len — especially when you say things like this.

8:21 — Again with the Sepia filter?!

8:22 — It must be so uncomfortable to dance in those boots.

8:23(ASIDE: Karina is so cute.)

8:23 — Len thought there was "far more control" this time around, but notes Corbin's "left arm started to get a little straight." Umm, what, Len?

8:24 — Carrie Ann didn't see "much improvement." She wants to see Corbin get his "mojo back." Carrie Ann, do you feel alright?

8:25 — 9-9-9 for Corbin and Karina's Quickstep! (As Carrie Ann said, "it didn't get worse.")

8:30 — Jack and Cheryl are dancing their country western Jive, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

8:33 — Out of all the contestants left in the competition, Jack truly deserves to be in the finals. He's Season 17's most improved for sure.

8:33 — There are a few timing issues...

8:35 — Carrie Ann wishes they would have left the Jive alone — and we kinda have to agree with her on this one. It was better the first time!

8:36 — 8-8-8 for Jack and Cheryl's Jive.

8:42 — The judges want to see Amber and Derek re-do their Week 3 Charleston, which at the time, the judges thought was off-time.

8:42 — Amber needs to be more precise with this dance, so we have high hopes she'll rise to the occasion.

8:44 — Her footwork is a bit better this time around, but we still think there's room for improvement. (Carrie Ann, however, feels differently.)

8:45 — Len says Amber and Derek's Charleston is the most improved dance of the night.

8:46 — 10-10-10 for Amber and Derek's Charleston — the Glee cast is on their feet!

8:53 — Not feeling these matching ensembles, TLC.

8:55 — Can we talk about how these guys are doing a Samba relay to TLC's "No Scrubs"? Because that's a little weird.

8:57 — This is making me sad. Why are they lip synching? My childhood might be ruined, TLC.

8:58 — Corbin has such good extension... and he looks good shirtless, so there's that.

8:59 — "It's like Goldilocks and the three ballroom bears." Tom Bergeron wins the night.

9:01 — Bill and Derek just really wanted to dance together, y'all!

9:02 — Here's the Samba relay ranking: Bill & Emma (2 points), Jack & Cheryl (3 points), Amber & Derek (4 points), and Corbin & Karina (5 points).

9:07 — Bill and Emma's Freestyle has an Indiana Jones theme. There a whip involved. This is going to be amazing.

9:08 — Bill is really scared of hurting Emma. He's such a gentleman.

9:08 — Our new life motto: "It's achievable!"

9:09 — The CGI budget for DWTS is higher than OUAT... who knew?

9:10 — This. Is. SO. CUTE.

9:11 — Bill just ripped off his shirt. And this is why he's our favorite this season.

9:11 — "You've been trained, but you've never been tamed!"

9:12 — Carrie Ann calls Bill the "dancing everyman hero." Here that, America? You, too, can do that on live TV.

9:12 — 8-9-8 doe Bill and Emma's Indiana Jones Freestyle!

9:18 — Corbin and Karina are dancing to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal." This is going to be EPIC.

9:20 — Karina is so crazy. She's fearless.

9:22 — What did we just watch? That was AWESOME!

9:22 — Bruno called it "pure Las Vegas magic."

9:23 — Len just gave Corbin a standing ovation, and it was a beautiful moment.

9:23 — 10-10-10 for Corbin and Karina's Freestyle!

9:31 — "Pain is temporary. Glory is forever." Life lessons from Jack Osbourne.

9:31 — Jack gets props for dancing with props. That us not easy!

9:32 — The judges are going to love this because there's so much ballroom in this Freestyle!

9:35 — Tears. Tears everywhere. (When Cheryl cries, we all cry.)

9:35 — 10-10-10 for Jack and Cheryl! "Where's an 11 paddle?" asks Len.

9:41 — Can Witney please be a pro next season? She's such a firecracker!

9:41 — Amber and Derek's Freestyle is getting a dramatic start...

9:42 — Derek is adding stepping to his choreography. And of course Mark Ballas is joining in on the fun.

9:42 — "I'm sorry but I can't do that one," says Derek. [We're throwing serious shade your way, Derek!]

9:43 — Amber Riley can get it. This routine is so fierce!

9:45 — That might have been the best dance of the season...

9:46 — "You are a leading lady," says Bruno.

9:46 — "You're a diva-dancing James Brown!"

9:46 — 10-10-10 for Amber and Derek's Freestyle. Who didn't see that one coming?

9:54 — "What are you guys really bad at? Oh, wait, nothing." Jack brings the LOLz.

9:55 — Amber & Derek and Corbin & Karina are in the Finals!

9:56 — And the eliminated couple is... Bill & Emma.

9:57 — We're going to miss you Bill, but Jack deserved this more.

Do you think Bill and Emma deserved to go home, or do you think they should have made it to the finale? Sound off in the comments!

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