Dancing With the Stars Live Recap: Season 17, Week 5 —There’s No Crying in Ballroom
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Live Recap: Season 17, Week 5 —There’s No Crying in Ballroom

Things are getting emotional on tonight's episode of Dancing With the Stars.

The Season 17 cast has officially hit the emotional milestone of every season — "Most Memorable Year" Week — and we hoped you stocked up on tissues, DWTS fans. Fan favorite is dedicating his Waltz to his lovely wife, which scene-stealer Snooki is dedicating her lively Jazz routine to her adorable son Lorenzo, who celebrated his first birthday in August. However, the most anticipated number of the night belongs to Elizabeth Berkley. Why? Because her sexy samba is dedicated to the TV show that made her a household name — Saved By The Bell.

Here's the list of who's dancing what, based on what we know so far:

Amber Riley and Derek Hough: Foxtrot to "Try A Little Tenderness."

Bill Engvall and Emma Slater: Waltz to "She's Always a Woman," by Billy Joel.

Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd: Contemporary to "Your Song," by Elton John.

Christina Milian and Mark Ballas: Cha-Cha-Cha to "Forget You," by Cee Lo Green.

Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff: Foxtrot to "My Wish," by Rascal Flatts, and the year picked has to do with his family.

Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy: Samba to "I'm so Excited," by The Pointer sisters.

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke: Waltz to "I'm Kissing You," by Des'ree.

Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani: Contemporary to "Roar," by Katy Perry, about 2013.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Sasha Farber: Jazz to "Work Bitch," by Britney Spears, about the year her son was born (2012).

OK Dancing With the Stars fans, now that you know what to expect, join in on the fun below as Wetpaint Entertainment gets ready to live recap Week 5! And since we know you have a lot of feelings (we do too!), tell us what you think of the episode in the comments.

We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns. Keep refreshing for more!

8:02 — I might cry during this performance of "Wake Me Up."

8:03 — Wait, but where is Avicii?

8:03 — A few thoughts: What is up with Peta's wig? Why can't Sharna come back? That would have been better without the house band.

8:04 — OMG. It's Jessie Spano, guys!

8:06 — "One of our female stars will be going home tonight." Whoa, Tom. Way to calm their nerves!

8:07 — Mark and Christina are grumpy over Julianne's comment. I'm sorry, Mark, but it was TRUE! Stop being such a showoff!

8:09 — I love that Mark gave Christina a solo just to prove Julianne wrong.

8:09 — There's not a lot of form in this Cha-Cha...

8:10 — Well, at least the judges love it, right? I just didn't think it was her best. C'est la vie.

8:13 — Did Len really just give that a 10?! That was way over-scored. What did Len have over there in the UK?

8:14 — 9-10-9 for Christina and Mark!

8:22 — Stop it. Jack is dedicating his Waltz to his wife Lisa and baby daughter Pearl. I'm already an emotional mess.

8:24 — That was Jack's best dance of the season.

8:25 — Bruno keeps calling Jack "my darling" and it's strangely soothing.

8:26 — Len is in a really good mood.

8:27 — 9-9-9 for Jack and Cheryl! It's their highest score of the season.

8:32 — Leah's most important year is 2013 — the year she spoke out against Scientology.

8:33 — OK, it took me a while to get into them, but I kind of Tony and Leah.

8:33 — "Are you going to go ask Corbin to go choreograph something for us?" That's not a bad idea...

8:34 —Well, this isn't the most delicate Contemporary routine... but Leah is clearly loving it.

8:37 — Leah, I'm sorry, but you can't win an Emmy for this performance. Overacting much?

8:38 — Carrie Ann says it didn't feel seamless, and for the first time all night, I agree with a judge!

8:38 — Why is Len so full of compliments this season?

8:39 — i love Tony. Started from the bottom, now we're here.

8:40 — 7-7-8 for Leah and Tony!

8:47 — Corbin is going to dedicate this one to his younger sister Phoenix, and I'm 99.9% sure I'm going to cry.

8:48 — Can DWTS just become two hours of Corbin Bleu's dancing? He's just so dreamy!

8:49 — Karina is kind of adorable.

8:51 — Carrie Ann thinks Corbin did a lift, Karina says no. So who should we believe?!

8:52 — 9-9-10 for Corbin and Karina! (Carrie Ann says she'll change her score to a 10 if he didn't actually lift his foot off the ground.)

8:57 — Bill is taking it back to 1982 — the year he married his wife. "She's made me a better person than I would have ever been on my own." Swoon!

8:59 — True Life: I'm Obsessed With Bill Engvall. That's currently my life.

9:00 — This Viennese Waltz is so lovely! Bill and Emma are the perfect pair.

9:01 — Bruno called it "honest, heartfelt, emotional."

9:02 — 8-8-8 for Bill and Emma!

9:07 — Snooki 2013 is a far cry from the Snooki of yesteryear. Also, how cute is Lorenzo?!

9:08 — "I love laundry... I like to fold too."

9:09 — Let it be know Snooki is dancing to Britney Spears's "Work Bitch."

9:11 — That was seriously the most entertaining routine this season. Snooki has so much energy!

9:12 — I bet Len really loves Snooki.

9:13 — 9-9-9 for Snooki and Sasha!

9:20 — Brant's most memorable year is 2009, the year he moved to Hollywood.

9:22 — Oh no no no no. It was the year Brant's dad died. I am now emotionally devastated.

9:22 — Brant is dancing to Elton John... here come the tears.

9:23 — It feels a bit disjointed, but it's a beautiful tribute nonetheless.

9:26 — "When I sit here, I always think my dad is looking down at me, and I'm sure your dad is looking down on you."

9:26 — 9-9-9 for Brant and Peta!

9:32 — Who knew Amber Riley used to work at Ikea?

9:33 — Aww. Amber is dedicating her dance to the year to booked Glee. Why isn't she dancing to "Don't Stop Believin'?" I am so disappointed, Amber!

9:36 — But I digress, that was a great Foxtrot.

9:37 — Unfortunately, there wasn't enough hold for Len. Now you decide to get picky, Len?

9:38 — 9-7-10 for Amber and Derek. That 10 seemed like a pity score from Bruno...

9:43 — Elizabeth's son Sky is adorable, but Val with Sky is swoon-worthy.

9:44 — Elizabeth is paying tribute to 1989 and Saved By The Bell — and I'm not ready to relive this moment.

9:45 — That intro was a little too much for me to comprehend. Was Val the Zack Morris in this scenario? I just can't.

9:46 — I think I'm cringing. I love Val, but I was not a fan of that Jive.

9:47 — "No pills, darling. You don't need any pills! You just need to dance!"

9:48 — On the plus side, Val is shirtless.

9:48 — 8-9-9 for Elizabeth and Val!

9:54 — Corbin and Karina are safe, followed by Amber and Derek and Bill and Emma.

9:55 — Jack and Cheryl are also safe! So are Brant and Peta — and Nicole and Sasha!

9:55 — So who's going home? Leah, Elizabeth, or Christina?

9:56 — Elizabeth and Val are safe! And she's so, so excited.

9:57 — And the eliminated contestant is... CHRISTINA MILLIAN.

9:59 — That was a burn, especially after she got the first 10 of the season. Ouch!

Do you think the right person went home? Sound off in the comments!

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