Dancing With the Stars Live Recap: Season 17, Week 6 — The Switch-Up
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Live Recap: Season 17, Week 6 — The Switch-Up

There's about to be a major switch-up in the ballroom tonight on Dancing With the Stars 2013! (And no, we're not talking about the Season 17 cast — they're all staying put!)

Tonight, during Week 6 of the competition, DWTS will be adding yet another challenge to its repertoire: The Switch-Up Challenge. So, what is the Switch-Up Challenge? It's a dance marathon! Basically, each couple will compete "side by side, in two rounds, with no prior knowledge of dance style or musical accompaniment. One by one, the judges will select couples to be tapped-off/removed from the dance floor. Extra judges' points will be awarded to couples based on longevity."

We hope our celebs are ready for one heck of a high intensity workout. (We know you're so excited, Elizabeth Berkley.) We think overachievers Amber Riley and Corbin Bleu will be the ones to beat during the Switch-Up, but we can't count out steady improvers Brant Daugherty and Snooki! Those two have been climbing the Leaderboard week after week, so we know they're going to bring it. Of course, dark horses Bill Engvall and Leah Remini could always surprise us as well.

As for their regularly scheduled performances, here's the list of who's dancing what, based on what we know so far:

Amber Riley and Derek Hough: Samba

Bill Engvall and Emma Slater: Tango

Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd: Tango

Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff: Viennese Waltz

Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy: Cha-Cha

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke: Paso Doble

Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani: Quickstep

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Sasha Farber: Foxtrot

OK Dancing With the Stars fans, now that you know what to expect, join in on the fun below as Wetpaint Entertainment gets ready to live recap Week 6! And since we know you have a lot of feelings (we do too!), tell us what you think of the episode in the comments.

We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns. Keep refreshing for more!

8:03 — I miss Lacey Schwimmer.

8:05 — "I'm British! We go to buffets, not Buffetts."

8:05 — So this is Tango for the Rednecks... "Cheeseburger in Paradise."

8:06 — This is such a weird song to Tango to. This entire gimmick is taking away from Bill's hard work. His form is actually pretty great.

8:08 — Len just compared this Tango to pickles — "sharp and tangy." Yum?

8:09 — "So you're saying he was IN-N-OUT of step?" Tom Bergeron for the win, ladies and gentlemen. All you other hosts can go home.

8:10 — 8-8-7 for Bill and Emma's cheeseburger Tango.

8:15Mark Ballas and Witney Carson should dance together more often. They both demand attention.

8:16 — Fact: Elizabeth is so boring. I'm sorry. But I can't sit here and watch you sob over Showgirls. #SaveVal

8:17 — That being said, Elizabeth is getting more confident in the ballroom. (Let's just never mention those Jive Pills ever again.)

8:18 — Val doesn't get enough credit for being an amazing choreographer. He also managed to give Elizabeth a personality — bravo!

8:21 — 10-10-10 for Elizabeth and Val! And there goes the first perfect score of the season.

8:28 — That time Leah was casual besties with Jennifer Lopez...

8:30 — If Leah goes home, can we still keep Tony?

8:31 — OK, this was actually adorable.

8:32 — 9-9-9 for Leah and Tony. I love how Len tried to scare the celebs into thinking he was actually going to be critical this season.

8:42 — Whoa. Brant has spent a little too much time in Rosewood. Dramatic, much?

8:43 — "I thought she had a huge fanbase!." Um, did Brant just throw shade at Christina Milian.

8:43 — Hi Janel! ...Bye Janel.

8:44 — Interesting Tango music choice... EDM, really?

8:45 — "The Prince Charming has turned into the Prince of Darkness." Oy oy oy.

8:47 — Brant is taking DWTS way too seriously.

8:47 — 9-10-9 for Brant and Peta! (Len has officially gone soft.)

8:50 — I love Amber. She's such a competitor.

8:55 — Amber's Samba looks so fierce. Kudos to Derek for great choreography.

9:00 — Len found it a "tad repetitive." Is it just us or does Len really dislike Derek? At the end of the day, he should be judging Amber, not Derek.

9:01 — 10-8-10 for Amber and Derek. It's sad that Len likes to nitpick Derek.

9:03 — Jack is doing a Latin dance this week, and I'm a little afraid.

9:05 — "Val, how do I be like you?!" I ask myself this question on a daily basis.

9:10 — Who is singing this and WHY?

9:10 — I'm sorry, but Karina Smirnoff owns the Paso Doble. No one else should attempt it.

9:12 — #CrotchForward

9:12 — 8-9-8 for Jack and Cheryl! Len, you are an enigma tonight.

9:14 — "Are you picking people that slept around?" "I love those people." Snooki and Sasha are kind of the best.

9:15 — "I have no idea what the hell Sasha is doing, but I trust him." Now, that's the right attitude!

9:16 — Len will probably want to see more hold... but this routine is adorable so who cares what he thinks.

9:18 — "It's happy hour!" Can we have what Len is having?

9:18 — "You have approved the most out of everybody." Commence Snooki freakout.

9:19 — 9-9-9 for Snooki and Sasha!


9:24 — Karina makes the perfect Khaleesi.

9:24 — They're dancing the Viennese Waltz to the Game of Thrones theme song. I CAN'T. This is too amazing.

9:25 — There are CGI dragons!

9:26 — Karina looks so fierce on that make-shift Iron Throne.

9:27 — That was so dramatic and sexy. Carrie Ann thought it worked — Len and Bruno? Not so much.

9:28 — There wasn't enough ballroom hold for Len.

9:29 — Did Corbin just spoil Game of Thrones for the masses?

9:29 — 8-7-8 for Corbin and Karina. Kind of disappointing, but the judges are being hard on the overachievers.

9:34 — Ariana Grande and Mika are just too cute right now. What is that headband, Ariana? Are you a fawn?

9:37 — Leah is kind of a drama queen, no?

9:38 — Bill is just THE BEST.

9:39 — "When in doubt, do the splits." A little life advice from Cheryl Burke.

9:40 — This improv challenge is giving me so much anxiety.

9:47 — There are no words to describe this challenge, but Corbin and Karina are the winners! They get an extra 4 points added to their score.

9:48 — "At one point, he turned into a pretzel, and I liked it!"

9:49 — Someone may very get knocked out in this round.

9:50 — This is really all about the pro.

9:51 — Amber and Derek win Round 2! (I still have no idea what I just watched.)

9:57 — Remember when Elizabeth and Val got the first perfect 30 of the season?

9:57 — So who's going home: Bill or Jack?

8:58 — All of the couples are safe! It seems there was a voting error last week.

9:59 — Aww! It's so cute how everyone loves Bill. He's just the heart of the show at this point. Never change, cheeseburger man.

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