Dancing With the Stars Live Recap: Season 17, Week 9 —  It’s Trio Night!
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Live Recap: Season 17, Week 9 — It’s Trio Night!

Dancing With the Stars heads into Week 9 tonight, November 11, which means we’re just one week away from the Season 17 semifinals. Time flies when you’re fighting for a Mirror Ball trophy!

After another shocking elimination — we’ll miss you, shirtless Brant Daugherty — it could be anyone’s game this year, which makes it the perfect time to bring in a little extra help. Assemble the trios!

The famous DWTS challenge returns as the remaining six couples add a third member to one of their routines. Len Goodman is also back as head judge, and while we’ll miss Cher, it will be nice to have the judging trio back together, too.

Each couple will be dancing twice tonight (once with their trio). Here’s a rundown of who’s dancing what

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke: Viennese Waltz and Samba (with Sharna Burgess)

Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff: Slow Waltz and Jazz (with Witney Carson)

Bill Engvall and Emma Slater: Charleston and Salsa (with Peta Murgatroyd)

Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy: Viennese Waltz and Salsa (with Gleb Savchenko)

Amber Riley and Derek Hough: Quickstep and Salsa (with Mark Ballas)

Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani: Tango and Jive (with Henry Byalikov)

OK, Dancing With the Stars fans, now that you know what to expect, join in on the fun below as Wetpaint Entertainment gets ready to live recap Week 9! And since we know you have a lot of feelings (we do too!), tell us what you think of the episode in the comments.

We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns. Keep refreshing for more!

8:02 — Elizabeth and Val in wedding gear — and Corbin and Karina, too? Interesting...

8:03 — Amber rockin' a double knee brace in rehearsals like a boss.

8:06 — Welcome back, Len! Time for him to hate on Amber and Derek again. "Polish it up!"

8:08 — 8s across the board for Derek and Amber's Quickstep!

8:15 — Leah's outfit is really something. And is it just me, or did this routine seem super short?

8:16 — Leah's red lips will forever be engrained on Tom Bergeron's cheek.

8:18 — 9s across the board for Leah and Tony's Tango. What the what?!

8:22 — The female troupe member's twerking would make Miley Cyrus blush.

8:24 — This slowed-down rendition of OneRepublic is a real womp, but Karina and Corbin's Slow Waltz is gorgeous.

8:26 — "That was so dreamy," Carrie Ann says as she oohs and ahhs and bats her eyelashes.

8:27 — Two 9s from Carrie Ann and Len, then a 10 from Bruno. Whoa!

8:28 — Tristan! Sasha! Come back!

8:32 — "Oh, they cut my spin!" Amber and Derek win the best entrance, but Jack's creepy-faced floor move really takes the cake.

8:34 — Um, how adorable is Cheryl's birthday surprise for Jack? "Best Partner Ever" mini Mirror Ball!

8:35 — A Viennese Waltz to Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger's duet? Now I've seen everything.

8:36 — "It was a crackerjack, Jack!" Oh, Len. Never change. "It was like a carousel," Bruno adds.

8:38 — Bruno ruins their perfect score with a 9. 10s from Carrie Ann and Bruno!

8:40 — I love you, Bill Engvall.

8:44 — If Bill and Emma don't win, can they have a sitcom? They are perfect.

8:45 — Carrie Ann and Len are dishing up some serious real talk, but they're right. — it's the quarterfinals.

8:47 — 7s across the board for Bill and Emma's Charleston.

8:49 — Val in a tux? Yes. Him and Elizabeth as wedding cake toppers dancing to Lana Del Rey? Oh.

8:50 — Week 9 and I still can't connect with Elizabeth.

8:52 — 9-8-9 for Val and Elizabeth's Viennese Waltz.

8:57 — Kellie Picker is back and she's performing at the finale! Ahh!

8:58 — Forever bros Mark and Derek Salsa-ing with Amber led to a lot more of them touching each other more than anything. In matching outfits.

8:59 — "Eat your heart out, America!"

9:00 — Was the "backup dancers" comment a subtle nod to Julianne's comments about Mark?

9:02 — Bruno's first hip thrusts of the night. Now it's a party.

9:03 — 9s across the board for Amber, Derek, and Mark's Salsa!

9:04 — Leah, Henry, and Tony as Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno is almost too much to handle

9:06 — Bruno and Tony hip-shaking at the same time is distracting, but honestly, this may be Leah's best dance to date.

9:08 — 9s across the board from the judges... for the judges!

9:14 — Between these outfits and the jazzed-up rendition of Usher's "Yeah!"? I'm speechless.

9:14 — This routine is ah-mah-zing.

9:16 — Carrie Ann can't contain herself. The best routine in all 17 seasons?! AND THEN SHE GOT BLEEPED.

9:18 — "Sorry, girls. I didn't even see you," Carrie Ann says, continuing to fangirl.

9:20 — A perfect score for Corbin, Karina, and Witney's Jazz! (And lipstick all over Corbin and Tom's faces.)

9:25 — There is so much ass-slapping in Week 9! Spice it up, Jack.

9:27 — In the jungle, the mighty jungle (book)... there is so much animal print. And adorable booty-shaking.

9:28 — #JungleFever

9:29 — 8-8-9 for Jack, Cheryl, and Sharna's Samba!

9:36 — Willy Wonka and his "candy girls" seems like Katy Perry's crazy Candy Land.

9:37 — If Bill and Emma go home tonight, there's no denying they went out with a bang.

9:39 — "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker." Yes, Len.

9:40 — 7s across the board for Emma, Bill, and Peta's Salsa.

9:46 — Swooning in a pile of accents and shirtlessness with Val and Gleb.

9:47 — Are they all pretending to cradle babies? What is happening?

9:48 — Zendaya's in the house, too! #TeamValdaya forever.

9:48 — "You are a girl on fire." Is this The Hunger Games, Carrie Ann?

9:49 — A perfect score for Val, Elizabeth, and Gleb's Salsa! 10s all around.

9:55 — Corbin and Karina, Jack and Cheryl, and Amber and Derek are all safe. No surprise there. Leah and Tony, too.

9:57 — Elizabeth and Val eliminated?! Now that is a shocking elimination I didn't see coming. Bill and Emma are safe!

9:58 — "That's not right," Carrie Ann said as the results were announced. Wow. Just wow. Farewell, Team Chmerkley — we'll miss you!

Are you shocked by Val and Elizabeth's elimination? Sound off below!

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