Pretty Little Liars Live Recap: Season 4, Episode 3 — “Cat’s Cradle”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Live Recap: Season 4, Episode 3 — “Cat’s Cradle”

It's time to get unmAsked on Pretty Little Liars! On Season 4, Episode 3 ("Cat's Cradle"), the Liars find a clue in Ali's things that leads them to a creepy mask maker, who may have made the infamous Ali mask Red Coat was wearing when she pulled the Liars from the lodge fire.

But that's not the only drama the Liars have to deal with. Not only is Hanna harboring a dangerous secret for her mom at the risk of getting caught by Detective Holbrook! — but the arrival of her father may end up making her task more complicated, especially when he tells Caleb his gun is missing. Meanwhile, Spencer is helping Toby uncover the mysteries of his past, but will either of them be prepared to handle the pain that comes with the truth? And speaking of truth, when Melissa returns to Rosewood, will Spencer confront her sister about her involvement with Wilden? Only time will tell, Liars!

Here’s the official Season 4, Episode 3 synopsis: Hanna worries that her mother is keeping a dangerous secret and is determined to protect her at all costs, which leads her to an uncomfortable meeting with Detective Holbrook. A clue in Ali's things leads the Liars to a creepy mask maker, who takes a shine to Emily and may have ties to another Rosewood resident. Spencer and Toby continue their search into a painful chapter of Toby's past and Melissa returns to Rosewood.

Now, this is a live blog, so if you want to join us in fan-girling all over the premiere’s many OMG moments, keep refreshing for the latest updates. Until the episode officially starts (at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family!), here’s a Pretty Little Liars meme you can share with all your friends!

Pretty Little Liars Live Recap: Season 4, Episode 3 — “Cat’s Cradle”
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8:00 — Hanna insists Ashley didn't kill Wilden, but after looking at her bloody Manolos, we're not so sure.

8:01 — "Is it weird to be jealous of your mom's love life?"

8:04 — Melissa is still a creepy bitch.

8:05 — HALEB is back, bitches! Oh, Caleb. How we've missed you and your luscious locks. Is anyone else feeling sad that he's leaving this season?

8:07 — Our Haleb hearts are happy and sad and confused at the same time. So many emotions!

8:09 — "The thing about 'A' is that she always knows when you're at your weakest." Toby seems pretty confident that "A" is a she.

8:10 — Is Spencer going back to Radley to help Toby? Aww!

8:11 — So Aria and Jake are having a conversation about "trust." Is this what you would call foreshadowing?

8:12 — Are we the only ones that think Aria and Jake have SERIOUS chemistry? Sorry, Ezra.

8:13 — Um, why didn't Emily go see Dr. Wren? We miss that accent!

8:14 — "A" is always watching, Hanna.

8:18 — What is up with Spencer's outfit?!

8:19 — So is Spencer going to pay our good friend Eddie Lamb a visit?

8:20 — Has Emily been stealing pain pills?

8:21 — How is Hanna just innocently walking past every cop in Rosewood and sneaking into their investigation room?

8:22 — Side note: Hanna and Detective Holbrook? Yeah, we'd ship it.

8:23 — So Hanna and the Liars are persons of interest in Wilden's murder.

8:26 — No, but Detective Holbrook is totally going to hook up with someone, right? We'd really like to see him shirtless.

8:27 — Stop being the perfect boyfriend, Caleb.

8:28 — Does that mask really look like Ali? Because it was hella creepy. "That's immortality, my darlings."

8:29 — Ashley Marin, what are you hiding?!

8:30 — Detectives Spoby are pretty darn adorable.

8:31 — We LOVE badass Hanna.

8:34In what universe is visiting a creepy stranger at night in the middle of nowhere a good idea?!

8:36 — Toby recounting his mom's suicide might be the most heartbreaking moment in PLL history.

8:38 — "I want your face." Creepy pickup line, dude.

8:38 — So maybe "A" gave Toby something worthwhile after all...

8:40 — What is it with Hanna and creepy dolls/masks?

8:41 — "The whole time I was thinking about Ali, thinking that must be what it feels like to be buried alive."

8:42 — Did Ashley kill Wilden or what?! Did she really take his gun? Or was that "A's" doing?

8:48 — Whoa. Is "A" trying to get Emily taken away from her mom?! Not cool, "A".

8:49 — It's smart of Aria to try and get her mom to go to Vienna with her new beau. Who knows what "A" will do next!

8:50 — OK. Aria and Jake (Jaria?) are kinda cute together. He even bought her a dignified chocolate milk!

8:52 — So the creepy mask maker also made a mask of Melissa's face. Does this support the "A" team vs. "B" team theory? Or does this mean Ali and Melissa were working together?

8:55 — Seriously, Ashley Marin. You are freaking us out! Whatever that scene was, it wasn't good.

8:57 — We love a good Melissa vs. Spencer showdown!

8:58 — What's with all of the questions, Melissa? Did she join the "A" team to protect Spencer?

8:59 — Poor Emily.

9:01 — WREN, IS THAT YOU? Could he be "A"?

What did you think of the episode? Are you curious to see what happens next? Sound off in the comments!

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