Pretty Little Liars Live Recap: Season 4, Episode 8 — “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Live Recap: Season 4, Episode 8 — “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”

It all comes crashing down for the Liars on Season 4, Episode 8 ("The Guilty Girl's Handbook") of Pretty Little Liars.

With Hanna's mom in the slammer for Wilden's murder, Hanna (Ashley Benson) is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Ashley: take the fall for Wilden's murder. But when Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) refuses to help her go forward with her crazy plan, she turns to her former BFF and current frienemy Mona (Janel Parrish) for assistance. Who better to help than the ultimate guilty girl herself?

Meanwhile, Pam Fields has finally reached her breaking point after a car drove into her home on Season 4, Episode 7. Now, she and Emily are displaced, and even worse, Emily is planning a summer away from her mom, thanks to some advice from Ezra. Needless to say, Pam is devastated.

Now, this is a live blog, so if you want to join us in fan-girling all over "The Guilty Girl's Handbook's" many OMG moments, keep refreshing for the latest updates. Until Season 4, Episode 8 officially starts (at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family!), here’s a GIF of Emily's worried face. We bet we'll be seeing a lot of it during tonight's episode.

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8:05 — What is with Aria's dress? Is this a flashback episode to the '80s?

8:06 — Ashley is being transferred to a state prison. This could be the PLL x Orange Is the New Black crossover we've all been waiting for!

8:09 — Alright papa Ezra, you can stay. Sure Malcolm was kinda the reason Ezria broke up, but he was SO CUTE.

8:11 — So Ezra is catching on to "A"... interesting. Let's hope he doesn't end up getting shot like Caleb.


8:12 — Why does Emily think the only thing she has to offer this world is swimming? She's a lesbian! She can get into a nice liberal arts college on the East Coast.

8:13 — No, guys, but this is seriously just like Orange Is the New Black.

8:15 — "I'm going to confess to killing Detective Wilden." Oy. Hanna, no!

8:20 — Oh heyy Beckett Fry!

8:21 — "What is it with your family? First you, now your brother." Jake, if you only knew!

8:24 — Eddie Lamb is back, y'all!

8:26 — So Wilden filed the police report on Marion Cavanaugh's death, and he lied about how she died. Did someone pay him off to mess with the official report? Spencer seems to think so.

8:27 — Mona, you pretty little evil genius!

8:27 — Enter Rumer Willis.

8:30 — Why do Hanna and Caleb have to break up?! They are so perfect. (Also, Caleb is the greatest boyfriend ever.)

8:34 — Caleb to the rescue! (Hopefully.)

8:38 — Wonder how new guy Beckett is going to fit into this "A" game.

8:41 — Ugh! Just tell us who really killed Wilden already.

8:56 — "What did you think of Beckett?" Is Veronica trying to set her daughter up?

8:58 — "Mona Vanderwaal is at the police station. She just walked in and confessed to killing Wilden."

8:59 — Well, I didn't see that one coming. It's not like Mona doesn't have a few sins to pay for.

So what did you think, Pretty Little Liars fans? Were you shocked by that ending? Sound off in the comments!

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