Pretty Little Liars Live Recap: Season 4, Episode 9 — “Into the Deep”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Live Recap: Season 4, Episode 9 — “Into the Deep”

Is Ashley Marin finally a free woman? Why did Mona confess to Wilden's murder? Will Aria ever be able to say the "d-word" (D-A-T-E)? These are just a few of the questions on our minds heading into tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 4, Episode 9 — "Into the Deep"). Seeing as this is Pretty Little Liars after all, we're not holding our breath for answers, but we're pretty certain Emily's birthday will go out with a (literal) bang, especially with Jenna looming.

Parties are always a source of major drama for the Liars (remember when Hanna was hit by a car at Mona's birthday party?), and with an episode this far into the season, we're betting something big goes down.

Here's the official ABC Family synopsis of the episode:

"Paige throws Emily a surprise birthday party with even more surprising guests — Jenna and Shana. But it’s “A’s” actions at the party that lead to the biggest shock of all. Mona’s selfless act provides Hanna and her mother with their first bit of good news, but sends Mona down a familiar path. And Ezra gets some distressing news from Maggie regarding her and Malcolm.

Meanwhile, Aria and Jake (Ryan Guzman) continue trying to define their confusing relationship. And Emily meets with a world class coach in a last ditch effort to salvage her swimming career."

Now, this is a live blog, so if you want to join us in fan-girling all over "Into the Deep's" many OMG moments, keep refreshing for the latest updates. Until Season 4, Episode 9 officially starts (at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family!), here’s a GIF that describes how we feel about Jenna's return to get you through the next few hours.

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8:00 — Hello Pastor Ted. Where have you been while your girlfriend has been in jail, hmm?

8:01 — Mona, you are an excellent Little Liar.

8:01 — "You snuck out of a mental institution?" "Many times." Oh, Mona, you are giving us SHIVERS. You are cray, girl, and we love it.

8:02 — So Mona is playing the self defense card... interesting.

8:03 — Is Mona helping Ashley or hurting her? It looks like Mrs. Hastings doesn't think Ashley is off the hook for Wilden's murder just yet.

8:04 — SHIRTLESS JAKE. (More, please.)

8:04 — Jake slept over at Aria's?! OK, he slept on her couch, but they are getting breakfast together, which is kind of coupley, right?

8:05 — Emily think Mona is setting the Liars up. We wouldn't put it past her, Em!

8:06 — OK, Paige. You are officially the best girlfriend ever.

8:07 — No one cares, Maggie — especially not Ezra.

8:08 — Nevermind. Ezra does care that Maggie and Malcolm are moving to Washington D.C.

8:08 — Eek! A $1 million bail?! You might as well stay in jail, Ashley. Orange is really growing on you.

8:12 — Whoa. This coach is intense.

8:13 — Poor Hanna. The Marin girls just can't catch a break.

8:14 — TWIST: What if Pastor Ted is "A"?! Just kidding...

8:15 — Caleb is trying to sell his car for Ashley Marin's bail?! BEST BOYFRIEND EVER.

8:16 — Do you really want to play this game right now, Maggie?

8:18 — "I don't have much time left." Jenna, what are you talking about?

8:21 — "My bail was posted anonymously." We all know Pastor Ted bailed you out, Ashley.

8:22 — Poor Emily! Things are going from bad to worse. It's not going to be a very happy birthday...

8:24 — So Jenna is losing her sight again. Is that why she said she "doesn't have much time left"?

8:24 — Where there's Shana, Jenna isn't far behind.

8:25 — Where is Maury when you need him, amirite Ezra?

8:27 — #AWKWARD surprise birthday entrance, Em!

8:31 — Seriously, if they're giving Pastor Ted this much screen time, he must be important... somehow.

8:32 — Shana, what creepy game are you and Jenna playing?


8:34 — Where is Wren?!!

8:35 — "We're not going to be together next year." OH MY PAILY FEELS.

8:35 — So much awkward tension.

8:36 — Mona is all business. It looks like she's headed back to Radley!

8:41 — Are you jealous, Aria?

8:43 — So many Paily feels right now.

8:43 — Jenna vs. Aria: IT'S ON.

8:45 — Ashley, what are you doing confessing your sins to Pastor Ted? This better be an important storyline...

8:46 — So Pastor Ted DID pay Ashley's bail! Called it.

8:47 — Can they please give Jenna more to do already?!


8:51 — She isn't dead... yet. But someone did bash her skull in and throw her in a lake, so we're not really sure if Jenna is going to pull through this one. But does this mean Jenna is "A's" target, too?

8:53 — Nothing good ever comes from these parties.

8:54 — "I think someone wanted to make sure we didn't find out what she knows about Allison." Yep, probably.

8:54 — "I knew your life was complicated, but I didn't know it was anything like this." Understatement of the year, Jake!

8:56 — So Shana is pretty certain Ali is dead. "Who is Jenna so afraid of," questions Spencer. "CeCe Drake." REALLY? Is CeCe being framed, or could she really be Red Coat?

8:59 — Now "A" plays piano, too?!