Dancing With the Stars 2013 Live Recap: Semifinals Week 9 Performances — Everyone Is Perfect
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Live Recap: Semifinals Week 9 Performances — Everyone Is Perfect

It’s hard to believe, but Dancing With the Stars 2013 is nearly over. Tonight we head into the semifinals for Season 16: Week 9 performances, and it’s down to the wire for our favorite pairs. After tomorrow night’s results show, only four couples will head into the finale, making everyone a little more competitive tonight.

We’ve seen a lot of social media interaction (particularly Twitter) this season, and one dance per pair was chosen by fan votes! In doing this, there were some advantages (Zendaya dancing Hip Hop, which she’s trained in) and disadvantages (unknown styles like Afro Jazz being thrown to Aly and Mark), but ultimately, practice makes perfect, and it’s anyone’s game at this point.

However, there is one snag: pro Karina Smirnoff was hospitalized after a major accident during rehearsals, and we’re still unsure if she’ll perform. Fingers crossed for her and Jacoby Jacobs!

Until the performances kick off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, here’s the list of what each DWTS pair — and their pro counterparts — will be dancing:

Zendaya Coleman & Val Chmerkovskiy, Hip Hop, Quickstep
Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough, Flamenco, Argentine Tango
Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson, Charleston, Samba
Aly Raisman & Mark Ballas, Afro Jazz, Rumba
Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff, Lindy Hop, TBD

Now that you know what to expect, join in on the fun below as Wetpaint Entertainment gets ready to live recap the Week 9 Performance Show. And since we know you have a lot of feelings (we do too!), tell us what you think of the episode in the comments.

We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns. Keep refreshing for more, and until the performances start, here’s a GIF of Ingo and Kym’s perfect shocked faces to tide you over.

 photo ingo_zps6c356053.gif

8:00 — "I'm definitely not going to go down without a fight." Am I the only one who wants Ingo to make it to the Finals?

8:01 — Not feeling Kellie's dark brown wig. But Karina looks great for a gal who spent her morning in the hospital.

8:04 — This isn't the first time Derek Hough has played with shadows and light. Does this remind anyone else of his Psycho-inspired Tango with Ricki Lake in Season 13?

8:06 — Loved Kellie and Derek's Argentine Tango!

8:07 — No surprise here, but Len loved it! "Welcome to the world of the sublime," says Bruno.

8:07 — Carrie Ann calls it perfection. We have to agree.

8:08 — It's a perfect 30 for Derek and Kellie!

8:15 — Ingo and Kym's Samba is inspired by a dysfunctional couple.

8:16 — We have to agree with Kym: Ingo may be peaking at the right time.

8:17 — This is the best Ingo has ever looked!

8:18 — Carrie Ann seems to think Ingo will do better with his Charleston. We're excited to see it!

8:20 — 8-8-8 for Ingo and Kym. Not bad, but not perfect.

8:25 — Mark is really excited for Afro Jazz, y'all!

8:26 — Aly needs to work on being passionate for her Rumba, but we're not sure how we feel about seeing Aly being so passionate with Mark.

8:27 — On second thought, this Rumba is kind of excellent... if not a tiny bit more Contemporary.

8:28 — Carrie Ann is screaming already.

8:29 — We're glad to see Bruno bring back his butterfly metaphor.

8:30 — It's a perfect 30 for Mark and Aly!

8:35 — SPOTTED: Andy Dick (without his pants).

8:36 — "Alright, I'll walk that." Gotta love Jacoby.

8:37 — "In football, I can break things and hit stuff." Uh oh... Jacoby is about to break.

8:38 — We're loving Jacoby and Karina's Argentine Tango. Also, we can't believe Karina is up and dancing (?!) after that injury in rehearsals.

8:40 — "Cha-ching, right on the money!" says Len. That's about all we understood.

8:41 — Bruno called it his best dance of the competition. We still prefer his Jive, but that Argentine Tango was a close second.

8:42 — 10-10-10 for Karina and Jacoby! Wow. There are a lot of perfect scores this week... Anyone else think they're giving out these perfect 30's a little too easily?

8:48 — The tables are turned, Val! It's not fun, is it?

8:49 — Let's hope Zendaya and Val can pull it together for their Quickstep.

8:50 — This. Is. So. FUN.

8:51 — Also, Zendaya's parents are adorable.

8:51 — "This was a Quickstep for the next generation," says Bruno.

8:52 — "That was kind of a mess," says Carrie Ann. This is not good news, Valdaya fans.

8:53 — Uh oh. We're thinking these are not the critiques Zendaya wants before the Finals.

8:54 — 8-8-9 for Zendaya and Val. Not great, but we're looking forward to their Hip-Hop routine!

8:59 — Oh no. This is the part of the competition where everything makes us cry. EVERYTHING.

9:01 — Kellie Pickler sob story time!

9:02 — Bring on the Flemenco... and Derek's creepy mustache.

9:03 — Let it be known Derek Hough is shirtless and wearing suspenders.

9:04 — Well, that flip was INTENSE.

9:05 — "We gotta do this dance more often," says Tom. We agree. Let's ditch Paso Doble for Flamenco next season.

9:06 — Carrie Ann and Bruno comment that Kellie tensed up halfway through their performance... and it looks like Kellie might pass out.

9:06 — 9-10-9 for Kellie and Derek's Flamenco.

9:15 — Ingo is just so positive, and we love it. Also, PEANUT IS A STAR.

9:16 — Ugh, why is this in SEPIA?

9:17 — OK, now that the filter is back to normal, we have to say, this Charleston is fun... but Ingo's footwork could be better.

9:18 — "You had a few boo boos, but it worked!" Are you feeling alright, Carrie Ann?

9:19 — Len called it Ingo's best dance of the season.

9:19 — It's 9-9-9 for Ingo and Kym!

9:24 — You guys, Olympic stories always make us cry. This is like an ESPN documentary.

9:26 — Sing it with us, "This girl is on fiiiiiire."

9:28 — There are no words to describe this Afro Jazz routine. NO WORDS.

9:29 — Mark clearly just had the best time of his life in the ballroom.

9:30 — Well, Carrie Ann loved it, but Len thought it was somewhat disconnected. We still have no words.

9:32 — 10-9-10 for Aly and Mark's Afro Jazz!

9:38 — Fun fact: Jacoby didn't make the football team in high school. Who knew?!

9:39 — This score to Jacoby's story is making us verklempt.

9:41 — OK. We're kind of sobbing. Just give Jacoby the Mirror Ball already!

9:42 — We've been waiting all season for Jacoby to do a Lindy Hop, and we are not disappointed.

9:43 — Karina is crazy. We BOW DOWN to her.

9:44 — "That was full-on and fabulous," says Len.

9:45 — Carrie Ann names Jacoby the No. 1 entertainer of Season 16.

9:45 — "Right now, I am not joking. I am dead... I should have done Afro Jazz!" Love you, Jacoby.

9:50 — Zendaya's mom is 6'4"?! Oh, and she's also the coolest.

9:52 — Aw! Roshon! We miss you!

9:53 — So... Kobe Bryant is a Zendaya fan.

9:54 — Val is just SO FLY. Seriously. He's just the best.

9:55 — Zendaya + Val + Chris Brown.

9:55 — "You gotta be kidding me!... Zendaya forever!" Bruno speaks fluent fan-girl!

9:56 — The judges obviouslt loved it. Carrie Ann is already standing in line waiting for Zendaya's album.

9:57 — 10-10-10 for Zendaya and Val's Hip-Hop routine! Another perfect score for Valdaya.

What did you think of tonight's Semifinals performances? Sound off with you favorites in the comments! Check out the official Season 16 voting numbers to vote for your favorite.