X Factor 2013 Voting Error: What Happens Now?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013 Voting Error: What Happens Now?

After two hours of back-to-back performances during the November 6 X Factor, turns out there was a major technical glitch on the voting side of things — a graphics error displayed incorrect voting numbers on the screen. It’s such a major glitch that X Factor is scrapping last night’s votes and making the contestants perform ALL OVER AGAIN.

What’s that mean for the show? The Thursday night episode, instead of revealing the voting results and whittling down the contestants, will instead be another round of performances. All Top 13 acts (remember, Josh Levi got brought back as a wildcard) will perform their “Save Me” songs for us to vote on. Two rounds of voting in one week? What kind of craziness is this?!

During next week’s Wednesday show the results from the November 7 vote will be announced and the Top 13 cut down before the remaining finalists perform their song picks from the 1980s.

It’s a bit of a bum deal for the performers seeing as they now have to go through all the stress of performing again, be on pins and needles all weekend, and learn a new song they may never get the chance to perform if they’re sent home during the November 13 Live Show. Plus, there’s no guarantee that a contestant who performed well last night will be able to wow us all over again this evening. See how some of the judges and contestants responded to the news.

Voting will remain the same with fans able to make their picks via text, the X Factor USA app, the Shazam app, and Facebook. Folks who call in will still hear the pre-recorded outgoing message “Watch The X Factor tomorrow” so just disregard that and stay on the line.

What do you make of the mess? Will you watch tonight’s show and vote again?

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