Lizzie Rovsek: RHOC Was “Helpful” For My Marriage — Exclusive
Credit: Alissa Kombert for Wetpaint Entertainment    

Real Housewives of Orange County

Lizzie Rovsek: RHOC Was “Helpful” For My Marriage — Exclusive

Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Orange County has been all about relationships — whether they’re between the ladies or with their spouses. Newcomer Shannon Beador has had a very public roller coaster ride with husband David, and that fact is not lost on fellow newbie Lizzie Rovsek and hubby Christian.

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Credit: Alissa Kombert for Wetpaint Entertainment    

Speaking exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment, Lizzie and Christian discussed their reservations about joining the show, how Shannon’s relationship drama has helped their marriage, and whether or not we can expect baby No. 3 anytime soon.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Did you and Christian have any reservations about joining the cast? What were they?

Lizzie Rovsek: I think everybody would have reservations about doing this show because you are putting yourself out there and you’re putting your family and life out there. And obviously there’s drama that comes with the show that happens with the other women, so you’re putting yourself into that position.

We definitely had our apprehensions and we kind of weighed them both out and thought, “Why would God put this in front of us if we weren’t supposed to explore it a little more?” We thought we’d regret it if we didn’t do it.

Christian: I went into it very naively. It was an eye-opening experience.

Has Shannon’s very public relationship drama helped you and Christian grow as a couple?

Lizzie: It was hard to watch Shannon go through what she was going through in her marriage on the show. When you watch yourself on a show like that, especially with your spouse, hopefully you’ll look at it and see that it makes you stronger.

The show has made us stronger as a couple because sometimes you don’t see what the other person needs or what you’re needing or wanting out of the relationship. But if you can watch it as a third party you kind of open your eyes to new things that you didn’t see before. It’s been helpful for our marriage, if that’s OK to say. It’s been great for Shannon’s marriage, too, and her and David are great right now.

Is there any update on baby No. 3?

Lizzie: There’s definitely going to be baby No. 3 or there’s definitely going to be trying for No. 3. We’re going to wait, I think, until next year, which is not that far away. You can expect to see another baby at some point. That’s definitely not just a rumor, it’s something we really want to do.

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