Logic Fails in Glee’s 100th Episode Part 2 — Not So Fast, Brittana!
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Logic Fails in Glee’s 100th Episode Part 2 — Not So Fast, Brittana!

Okay, we all know that Glee doesn’t necessarily strive for realism. Still, there were just too many logic fails during this week’s Season 5, Episode 13: "New Directions," for us to ignore. Here are our top four — and let us know in the comments if we missed any!

We love that Brittany bought Santana a million lilies, not to mention plane tickets to the Greek islands. But, uh, how did Brit afford all that? Perhaps hosting a web-based talk show is more lucrative than we thought.

Brittany has been attending MIT but never graduated from McKinley because of that 0.2 GPA. And yet, Santana somehow managed to pull some strings to get her to walk at graduation anyway? We'll agree that it was very sweet to see Brit graduate, but we wish the show could have explained how Santana orchestrated that.

We're very excited that Puck and Quinn are finally giving themselves a chance to see where their relationship will lead. We just don't get why they were suddenly serenading each other with "Just Give Me a Reason" before they had even spoken in the episode. Then, just like that, Quinn is professing her love for him. That was quick (or should we say, Quick).

This was by far the most confusing sequence in the episode. First of all, the New Directions grads are attending an Animal Husbandry club meeting... for some reason. Then, everyone dresses up in wacky getups and ends up at an early '80s dance club - but why, exactly? And would they even be able to get into a club, considering almost everyone is under 21?