Glee’s Logic Fails: 5 Times the Show Has Called Itself Out
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Glee’s Logic Fails: 5 Times the Show Has Called Itself Out

We love Glee with all our hearts, but sometimes we can’t help but point out a few logic fails on the show. Glee often takes more than a few liberties with realism. And apparently, the writers fully realize this — they’re totally willing to call themselves out! Here are examples from recent episodes.

The kids fly back and forth between NYC, regardless of price

Wouldn’t it be great if you really could just surprise your friend in another part of the country with a random visit? That seems to be the world that the McKinley kids live in, and Sue herself pointed out in Episode 7 that this would require ridiculous sums of money. Perhaps one of the characters is besties with a flight attendant who hooks them up on the downlow?

Schue getting way too sexy with his students

Is there any school that would allow a teacher to twerk with his students, as Schue did on “Blurred Lines” for Season 5, Episode 6? We think not, which is why we didn’t really have a problem with Sue suspending the gang for that lapse in judgment.

Why doesn’t Artie use the ReWalk?

Artie seemed to get a game-changing Christmas gift in Season 2 with his ReWalk. Alas, we never saw it again. And Glee seemed to finally realize that people were wondering where it went, as the show squeezed in a quick mention in the following season about how it, uh, broke. Let’s hope Artie at least got a pretty penny for it by selling it on Craigslist or something.

Where the heck is Robin?

We’re still not really sure why the show decided to give Sue a child, given that Robin never appears on the show and rarely has anything to do with the plot. Sue herself seems baffled, as she even pointed out that Robin is never around. Do you know where you children are?

All those elaborate costumes during song performances

Glee’s Logic Fails: 5 Times the Show Has Called Itself Out
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We love watching the show’s song performances, with those complicated sets and fancy costumes. But it’s best if you don’t actually ponder how a public school that constantly seems strapped for cash can afford luxuries like the fancy inflatable thing on Artie’s wheelchair during “Applause.” And we applaud Sue for calling them on it last week.

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