Pretty Little Liars Logic Fails: Season 4, Episode 5, “Gamma Zeta Die”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Logic Fails: Season 4, Episode 5, “Gamma Zeta Die”

Rosewood isn't exactly a normal world, what with the all murder, stalkers, and big bad secrets. It's a heightened universe, and that's part of the fun. Even with that in mind, there are occasionally moments on Pretty Little Liars that make us stop and say, "Really?" Sometimes it's something that doesn't make sense from the writers, and, more often, it's just that we want to reach through our TV and smack the characters upside the head for making bad choices.

Here are our picks of the biggest logic fails and most WTF moments from Season 4, Episode 5: “Gamma Zeta Die.”

Aria's boots. Listen, we love Aria. We love her style. We realize the Liars never exactly dress  like normal high schoolers. That said, her stiletto knee high boots in the scene where Ella was attacked by bees caused a double take. Even in Rosewood, we think those would raise a few eyebrows in the classroom. Don’t even get us started on that skirt made of ties...

Ella, get out of the car! When you see your car has mysteriously filled up with bees, do you start to wildly wave your hands around, or do you get the hell out and run away? We pick the second option.

Why does every post-college guy fall for a Liar? The Liars are great. They're smart, they're gorgeous, we get why guys like them. That said, in our experience, most people who have hit the later years of college, let alone have graduated, realize that high schoolers are a bit too young for them. Why does it seem like literally no one in Rosewood has that qualm? You'd think Brendan, who spends so much time mentoring high schoolers, would be especially aware of the age difference.  

Oh, Hanna. Again, we love Hanna, but every single thing she did after finding that gun was utterly stupid. Doesn't she know "A" is always watching?

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