The Vampire Diaries Logic Fails: Season 5, Episode 18 — “Resident Evil”
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Logic Fails: Season 5, Episode 18 — “Resident Evil”

The Vampire Diaries is a show that asks its viewers to suspend disbelief when it comes to vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and hybrids — and we happily do so! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things about the show that irk us with their irrationality. What were the biggest logic fails in Season 5, Episode 18 (“Resident Evil”)?

Jeremy’s secrets. It seems super strange that Jeremy would not tell Bonnie what was up — and not even because it’s a dick boyfriend move, but because Bonnie was bringing him information about the imminent destruction of the Other Side that is pretty probably related to the Travelers schemes and therefore related to newly-formed Team Hunk. This might be more of a character flaw than a logic flaw, but it seems pretty obvious that having Bonnie — aka the Anchor to the Other Side — on their side might be helpful. Even Liv, who is apparently a very big fan of secret-keeping, should be able to see this.

Enzo doesn’t seem to be trying very hard. So, Enzo was whining in this episode (love you, Enz!) because the Travelers went all intentional-yet-still-kind-of-spontaneous combustion before they could hold up their end of the bargain and tell him where Maggie, his former lady love, was. But, not all of the Travelers died. Heck, Sloan — the leader he was dealing with — didn’t die. So, what gives? And why wouldn’t the Travelers just tell him? He’s a homicidal vampire, for crying out loud.

The Other Side’s “solitude.” There are a lot of problems regarding the lack of world-building that has gone into the show’s explanation of the Other Side, but a standout in this episode was the apparent rule that ghosts can usually not see one another. Um, then how does Grams gossip with the other witches? And how did Anna and her mom get reunited in “Ghost World”? Was their happily ever after just a lie, and they separated as soon as the veil was back up? Because that makes us so sad.

Hybrid fail. We don’t mean to pound this point into the ground, but the ability of hybrids — namely, Tyler — continues to be woefully uneven. When it pleases the plot, Tyler is able to take on any manner of ancient vampire Travelers (i.e. Nadia), but when he needs to get Passengered, he’s completely helpless against Traveler attacks. He couldn’t have run away from the random Traveler who managed to possess him?

What did you think were the biggest logic fails of Season 5, Episode 18? Sound off in the comments below!

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