True Blood Logic Fails: Season 6, Episode 4 — “At Last”
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True Blood

True Blood Logic Fails: Season 6, Episode 4 — “At Last”

One of the greatest things about True Blood is that it’s a show that lets the imagination run wild — in fact, it kind of insists on it. If you come to the fictional Bon Temps expecting a realistic, modern portrayal of life in rural Louisiana, you will be deeply disappointed. That said, even in a place where shifters roam free (we all know Sam Trammell’s butt better than our own at this point) it can be hard to turn a blind eye to some of the more egregious, logic-exploding moments on this supernatural drama. Let’s revisit three of these moments from this week’s episode (Season 6, Episode 4: “At Last”).

1. Jessica, your spine called — it misses you.

We understand that the bond between a vampire and its maker is sacred and hard to comprehend unless you are one of the two bloodsuckers involved in the relationship. That said, Jessica’s complete devotion to Bill over the past few episodes continues to make little to no sense. This week, she let Bill talk her into kidnapping, and this only a week after she seduced and kidnapped another dude. Unless there is a vampire equivalent to Stockholm syndrome, there is no explanation for where the fire-tempered, rebellious Jessica went, and who put this constantly-weepy drone in her place.

2. Sookie’s strange seduction.

We get that a straight, male supernatural entity on the show hasn’t really earned his place until he’s made out with Sookie Stackhouse, but I feel like with Warlow an exception can and should have been made. Sure, set him up to think that you’ve invited him over for an evening of doing the nasty preceded by a plate of fried chicken — but then don’t actually do the nasty with him! We get that the dude has an alluring face, but once you’ve filled his belly with silver drops and gotten him comfortable, release that faerie mojo and keep your legs on the ground — not wrapped around his torso.

3. The Jason doth protest too much, methinks.

It is at this point common knowledge that vampire blood makes a person have sexy, sexy dreams. It also common knowledge that when it comes to sex and sexiness, Jason Stackhouse already has plenty on his plate. After being healed by Warlow and having a sexy dream where Jason shaved his face (with sexual innuendo), and then was invited to drink his blood, it is unthinkable that they would be not at least dream-bang?! It makes no sense — anything goes in a dream! (Remember when Jason dreamt of Eric in Season 2?) Warlow is sexy, Jason is sexy, shaving is sexy — and then to wake up in a frightened cold sweat? We the people cry illogical!

Do you agree with our logic fails, or do you have different ones? Sound off below!