True Blood Logic Fails: Season 6, Episode 5 — “F*** the Pain Away”
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True Blood

True Blood Logic Fails: Season 6, Episode 5 — “F*** the Pain Away”

Things have certainly taken a turn for the grim in True Blood’s tiny town of Bon Temps. Vampires and supes are in more danger than ever, we rarely see a shirtless scene (though Jason Stackhouse gave us quite a show this week), and we have so many questions. During Season 6, Episode 5: “F*** the Pain Away,” a lot went down, so it was difficult to keep up, but we did notice many a logic fail. Read on to see what perplexed us, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

1. Pam and Her Therapist

We understand completely while Pam demurs to the therapist she’s forced to pour her soul out to upon her arrival in Vamp Camp. But it doesn’t jive that Pam, the ultimate game-player, would be daft enough to talk about humans being nothing more than food to a person who holds her life in his hands. She is giving this guy nothing but reasons to have her and all of her kind exterminated.

2. Lilith Never Wearing Clothes

When Lilith first began appearing a mirkin-wearing, blood-covered, nude-vampire-goddess, it made sense to us — or as much as these things can — that she’d be prancing about in her birthday suit. But when she appears to Warlow back in the bygone days, she’s just as naked — if not just as blood-covered. Lilith has never heard of clothes, apparently, even though she communes regularly with god.

3. Niall Not Immediately Recognizing Warlow

If baby Niall was spying from inside his prehistoric-faerie family’s hut the night Warlow returned to massacre his whole village, how would Niall not have the dude’s face plastered in his memory? Is this a case of faerie dementia? What gives?

4. Sookie and Lafayette Not Thinking Through This Whole Medium Thing

Has Lafayette ever used his gifts without some sort of nonsense happening to mess things up? No. No, ma’am, he has not. Remember when his body was taken over and he killed the love of his life, Jesus? Bad. Times. Considering this, the fact that Sookie and he would not even discuss tying him up while he channeled her father who tried to murder her is just poor planning.

Were these the biggest logic fails, Truebies? Sound off below!