Lolo Jones Attacked For Tweet About Drake and Rihanna
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Lolo Jones Attacked For Tweet About Drake and Rihanna

It wasn't the best joke in the world, but it's a little surprising how much controversy track and field star Lolo Jones caused with one little tweet.

On April 10, she wrote: "It's amazing that Drake is hosting the @Espys but it's gonna be tough for him to hand out all those awards to Rihanna's ex boyfriends."

RiRi doesn't even have a lot of athlete ex-boyfriends — although she was linked to Rashard Lewis and Matt Kemp — so it's understandable if some fans felt like the joke came out of left field. Still, it was relatively harmless, and some tweet responses were positive:

But the laughter was followed by a steady round of hate from Rihanna fans, who apparently took the tweet very seriously and felt the need to slam Lolo on every level imaginable in the singer's defense.

Here's a small sample of the responses:

But if you think that's enough to slow Lolo down, you read her wrong.

The next day, she replied, “Paleeeze. watching monologues of past espys, my joke was PG compared to how The ESPY Host will roast athletes there."

She added a link to Seth Meyers' 2011 monologue.

More fans supported Lolo after that, writing, "The drake joke was Hella funny," "I thought it was funny...and true...forget those that can't take a joke..ppl act like Rihanna is related to," and "That’s what happens when you make a joke about someone with a delusional and crazy fan base. Ah Internet, don’t change."

What do you think? Did Lolo get what she deserved for taking a random shot at Rihanna and Drake, or did RiRi's fans way overreact?

Sources: Lolo Jones on Twitter, Gossip Cop

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