“Look at Me, Woman!” Top 10 Quotes From DWTS Season 12, Week 8
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Dancing With The Stars

“Look at Me, Woman!” Top 10 Quotes From DWTS Season 12, Week 8

This week marked the return of the Instant Dances, so here are our instant quotes from Dancing With the Stars Season 12, Week 8. Start moving your feet and read them. And by your feet, we mean your ass:

10. Hines Ward [on Kym Johnson proposing to him in her dance]: "That's pretty much America — the woman makes the man propose to 'em."
But she’s Australian! The trend is contagious...

9. Romeo Miller [to Chelsie Hightower as they practice the Tango]: "You like aggressive guys? 'Look at me...woman!'"
Now, now. That’s not how Jack would address Rose.

8. Tom Bergeron [to Kym, after her engagement-themed Foxtrot]: "You should do your Instant Dance about negotiating the pre-nup."
And then your Freestyle can be about the child custody battle!

7. Len Goodman [to Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli]: "I don’t know what’s the matter with these two. So nasty to everyone, it’s incredible."
Bruno: "Am I losing my mind? Has he changed his medications?"
Tom: "Those are two separate issues."
Bruno’s mind is a lost cause. If Len has changed his meds, he should up the dosage. Find your happy pills!

6. Maksim Chmerkovskiy [to Kirstie Alley]: "The biggest problem we have this entire season is your feet are very slow. So move your ass. And by ass I mean your feet."
Does that work both ways? If so, Maks, your feet were looking mighty fine tonight!

5. Hines [on his Steelers teammates’ encouragement]: "They said if that's what it takes to win this mirror ball, then go out there and be the Master of Cheese."
As long as Bruno is still in the room, that title is taken.

4. Kirstie [on the Argentine Tango]: "There's enough steps there to stomp out all the cockroaches in New York."
Nice. You just lost the entire cockroach vote.

3. Len [on Kirstie's Argentine Tango]: "It was hot! I'm surprised Maks only took his hat off."
You know you’re sexy when even fussy old Len wants you to strip.

2. Bruno [to Kirstie]: "Your body is shrinking, your talent is huge!"
That’s just the kind of statement keeping her on her low-calorie diet.

1. Kirstie [shouting to Bruno after he said she was out of sync in her Instant Salsa]: "Sh-t!"
Yeah, that pretty much sums up Ralph Macchio’s night.

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