Kyle Richards Lets Loose, Dances on Table at Gay Bar (VIDEO)
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Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards Lets Loose, Dances on Table at Gay Bar (VIDEO)

Time to party! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 is officially behind us, so why shouldn't the ladies be allowed to let loose a bit? Indeed, Kyle Richards kicked up her heels at a bar last week and then things got sexy!

Kyle and a few pals were spotted at West Hollywood gay bar The Abbey on April 10, where they hopped onto a table and were shaking their moneymakers, according to TMZ. Kyle's dance moves were fairly modest, but her friend would frequently lift up her dress to show off her booty. Yikes.

Kyle is apparently a regular at this bar. According to a source, she often stops by for a margarita, and she is known for leaving very generous tips. Way to go, Kyle!

We love that Kyle is able to cut loose and can find time to have fun with her friends. Plus, the song that Kyle and her pals were dancing to was the recent viral hit "Selfie" — and who wouldn'twant to jump up on a bar while listening to that catchy tune?

What do you think of Kyle dancing on the bar? Watch the video above to see the dance for yourself!

Source: TMZ