Lorde Talks Older Boyfriend, Internet Haters, and Texting Taylor Swift
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Lorde Talks Older Boyfriend, Internet Haters, and Texting Taylor Swift

Lorde’s setting the record straight in her new interview with Rolling Stone.

First, the 17-year-old is indeed dating a 24-year-old photographer named James Lowe. Photos first began surfacing of the two (a.k.a. people started Googling “Lorde”) last year and, unfortunately, the internet took its toll on Lorde by targeting both her and James.

Lorde tells Rolling Stone (via Us Weekly) that while she understands that the commentators are often “the type of people who use the word ‘f----t’ as an insult” that doesn’t mean she’s immune to the kind of hate language-laden aired in the comments to her photos. “[I’m] not completely impervious to insult,” she explains. “I’m a human being.”

Second, things are just peachy keen between Lorde and fellow young musician Taylor Swift. That whole TayTay at Lorde’s birthday party thing? Not a publicity stunt. They’re actually friends, friends who text about home goods.

“Taylor’s super good at this stuff,” Lorde tells Rolling Stone about picking between a bowl and a table lamp for her manager. “She’s decorated her own houses for ages.”

Taylor’s also a pro at ushering new stars into the music industry. After “Royals” hit #1, TayTay sent Lorde roses. Funny enough, the bouquet of good will arrived shortly after Lorde said some not so nice things about the “Trouble” singer. Taylor, meanwhile, claims she wasn’t aware of the diss when sending the flowers but when she heard, didn’t seem to mind much.

“She was like, ‘It’s fine. If all you’ve done is call someone perfect, it’s not that bad,’” Lorde recalls of Taylor’s reaction. Check and mate.

What do you make of Lorde’s Rolling Stone interview? Sorry to hear about the haters? Happy she and Taylor are friends? Take a Lorde off in the comments below.

Source: Rolling Stone via Us Weekly

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