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The Bachelor

Lorenzo Borghese Is Back on Hilarious New Reality Show! Exclusive (VIDEO)

In the age old tradition of reality stars returning to television, Season 9’s Prince Lorenzo Borghese is back with a bang, every week. His new gig, as one of the six merry men of Esquire Network’s new show, Lucky Bastards, is certainly a departure from the last version we saw of him, on The Bachelor in 2006.

The show follows his group of wealthy friends in New York City — some new to town via L.A., some bred to run it. Lorenzo, the son of an Italian prince and an American woman, oversees a line of bath products for pets, is involved in the family cosmetics company, and runs a charity, among other things. His newest business venture is Rum Golf, a line of beer and apparel.

The other guys are a mix of rich kids and self-made men, and all are pretty amusing. Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Lorenzo on the eve of his new show’s premiere, and got the scoop on his dating life, how he’s changed since The Bachelor, and why he chose to return to reality TV. What’s the difference between dating on Esquire and dating on ABC? The words “no filter” come to mind…

Check out the video for the scoop on Lucky Bastards, watch the first episode online, and tune in every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Esquire Network.

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