RHONJ’s Lori Michaels Talks Danielle Staub Drama: Do They Still Speak? —Exclusive!
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

RHONJ’s Lori Michaels Talks Danielle Staub Drama: Do They Still Speak? —Exclusive!

During her brief, two-year stint on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub managed to stir up plenty of controversy. Whether it was her 19 engagements, her questionable mafia ties, or her explosive feuds with each of her co-stars, she always brought the drama.

And during her second season as a housewife, she had a partner in crime. Although Danielle and singer/songwriter Lori Michaels never confirmed a romantic relationship, it was most certainly implied. And oh, did it have people talking. Three years later, Lori’s releasing new music and opening up about her mysterious relationship with Danielle. Here’s what she told Wetpaint Entertainment:

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us about your new music.
Lori Michaels: I just released a song a month ago for the reopening of the Statue of Liberty called "Lady of the Harbor," and I also released a song a few long months ago to get ready for PRIDE, a series of gay friendly festivals and events going on around the world. It was a remake of a dance hit called "Rain Down Love.” I put my own flavor on it with my dance label producer, Giuseppe D. I'll also have a new single of my own ready for the fall and I'll be sure to let you hear it!

Andy Cohen is a huge fan of yours. What do you think of him calling you a 'Lesbian Superstar?'
I love Andy. As far as him calling me Lesbian Superstar, what can I say? I was thrilled when he told me there’s a plant in his studio that they actually named "Lesbian Superstar!” I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would actually have a plant named after me.

Are you still in touch with Danielle Staub?
Actually, I am not in touch with Danielle. We frequent the same Starbucks and Whole Foods, but if I see her, I dodge behind someone or go down another aisle.

The last time she reached out to me, that conversation ended by me carrying a couch that she wanted me to hold for her down an entire flight of my steps and meeting her at a nearby storage facility. She was pretty quiet while we shared the elevator. And I was pretty sweaty.

Do you regret your time with her? Why or why not?
Of course I don’t regret it. We shared a lot of good times together and I am grateful for them. But, as for the bad times, well … I probably could have done without a few of those, for sure.

Do you think she's a good mother to her daughters?
When she is able to be, she is a good mother. When she is able to be, she is a pretty good everything.

Do you still watch Real Housewives of New Jersey?
I had stopped watching it for a bit, and then I think I got sucked back in. Go figure.

Do you think the show made a mistake in firing Danielle? Why or why not?
I thought Danielle was perfect for show. I always believed that. And I know a lot of people still feel the same. I would love to see at least one new episode with Danielle and Teresa — that is if Teresa's even going to be available these days. OR at the least, I'd love to see a sing off with Melissa and Danielle.

Here’s hoping. We’d definitely tune in for that!

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