Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada Plans to Lose All the Baby Weight in Only Two Months! (VIDEO)

While some people would be happy to lose all of their baby weight within the year after giving birth, Basketball Wives alum Evelyn Lozada is a little more ambitious. The eight-months-pregnant beauty is already thinking about her post-baby bod, and she says she’s planning to get back into tip-top shape in only two months!

“I have already spoke with [celebrity trainer] Jeanette Jenkins, we are going to start training here in L.A. and I have a bet going that I can get this body back in two months,” Evelyn told HipHollywood recently, though she does add that she’ll wait until the docs tell her it’s safe to exercise, “I’m going to be super focused — as soon as I get the clear.”

The 38-year-old clearly looks fabulous at whatever weight, but we can understand why she might be in a rush to get her body back. Ev just got engaged to baseball player Carl Crawford in December, but it sounds like the power couple isn’t too far off from the big day.

“Actually the season is going to start soon, so we are not going to do it now, but after the season,” she told the site. So since baseball season ends in October after the World Series, that means that we’re looking at a fall/winter wedding? So soon!

One thing’s for certain, between Evelyn’s “Diamonds and Diapers”-themed bridal shower, and the gorgeous 14.5 carat rock on her finger, this is going to be one over-the-top glam wedding. And no matter her weight, we can’t wait to see what she’ll wear!

Source: HipHollywood