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Lost Star Terry O’Quinn Explains His Idea For a Reunion (VIDEO)

It has been 10 years since Lost premiered on ABC and took the world by storm, so of course the cast has been bombarded with questions of a reunion to bring back our favorite group of castaways. This time it was Terry O’Quinn’s (John Locke) turn to get the third degree about any chance of everyone heading back to the island when he appeared on The Arsenio Hall show last night, May 21. What did he have to say about the possibility? Read on to find out!

“Hey, will there ever be a Lost reunion,” Arsenio bluntly asked after he and Terry joked about fellow Lost star Michael Emerson (Ben Linus/Henry Gale) singing “Happy” on the show the other night. Clearly this talk show host knows what’s up!

“Well, you know what, people ask me about that and I think I never say never,” Terry answered. “People say, ‘How would that happen? How would you do it?’ My plan would be, at the end of Lost — for those of you who saw it — everybody walked through the light through this door. All you have to do to pick it up is have everybody come out of that door with the light behind them and then it’s real quiet. You hear the crickets and you realize you’re on the island and then you hear Sawyer say, ‘Son of a bitch.’”

We like where you’re going with those reunion plans, Terry, but maybe we can flesh them out a little bit more. Sure, Sawyer (Josh Holloway) would totally say that, but for a Lost reunion we’ll need to go a little further than them stepping out of the light.

Do you want to see a reunion? Hit the comments and let us know!

05.22.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Carson Blackwelder
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