Lost’s Dominic Monaghan Texts Terrible, Sexual Stuff to Younger Girl — Report
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Lost’s Dominic Monaghan Texts Terrible, Sexual Stuff to Younger Girl — Report

We’ve all had disappointing textual encounters, times when we’ve thought we had a vibe with someone and been brutally rebuffed. And while most of the time, the fear that Radar would post about our exploits has not been the reason we haven’t gotten mean when things didn’t work out, a certain actor could’ve used that fear. Dominic Monaghan, while great at acting, is reportedly terrible at rejection.

The 36-year-old actor, who was in Lord of the Rings and Lost, reportedly met a now 25-year-old woman who worked at a shop in Los Angeles. “I met Dominic more than a year ago when he came into the establishment I was working in at the time,” the woman tells Radar about their first encounter. “He was sort of eyeballing me, so I said hi and we exchanged phone numbers.”

And while they at first made plans to hang out, apparently Dom didn’t feel obliged to pick her up for a date, saying he “wasn’t a taxi service” and that she would have to “earn it” if she wanted to be treated like a lady. He also told her that as a famous actor, he doesn’t date, he just likes to sleep around. So, that’s pretty cool, right?

Oh, but that’s not the worst part. We’ve all known guys on that track, probably. The really offensive parts include texts that came after she refused to have sex with him, in which he called her a “dumb dumb,” said she was a “ghetto tramp,” and mentioned she looked like she was “riddled with herpes.” Which, you know, isn’t great.

“He never gave it a chance, like didn’t even want to get to know me. It’s sad. He told me he didn’t care because I was hot,” she said. Sounds like he lost his tact thanks to the magic of text messages. Been there.

Source: RadarOnline

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