Credit: VH1

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 continued to heat up during Episode 6, “Wife Swap.” Monday night’s episode saw bitter rivals Peter Gunz and Erica Mena coming face to face, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace finding themselves sharing the same man, and Yandy Smith wondering whether or not she’s made the right decision by partnering with Rich Dollaz.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

Amina pressures Peter into being a “husband.” Now that everything is out in the open between Amina, Peter, and Tara, the rapper’s German wife is pressuring him to start acting like he’s in a marriage. And by that, she means she wants to know where he’s going at night when he’s “at the studio” or staying with his kids (a.k.a. sleeping over at Tara’s). To our shock, Peter tells her flat out that he’s not the kind of man to be at home “running bath water” and well… acting like a husband. Sigh. Amina asks Peter if they will ever wear rings, and he tells her the only reason she’s not wearing one is because he can’t afford to buy her the one she deserves.

Well, Amina takes matters into her own hands and later on in the episode, surprises Peter with a love song and a pair of matching wedding bands.

Yandy blows up at Rich for not finding talent. After discussing her concerns about running a business with Rich in a deleted scene, Yandy decides to address the issue with Rich as they check out a venue for a showcase. Getting out a ton of frustration, Yandy threatens to make Rich an “intern” because he’s not doing his job. Rich then tells Yandy, who he thinks is going a little overboard, that good talent is hard to come by, but he’s definitely doing his best to find a star for their budding label.

Tara tries to resist Peter’s charms. Since learning that Peter and Amina are married, Tara has asked for some space from her baby daddy. However, that hasn’t kept Peter away. When the rapper stopped by to spend a little quality time with his kids, he wakes up to a “tipsy” Tara coming home from work. Instead of leaving, Peter decides to stay the night — and seduce Tara into sleeping with him in the process. While Tara tries to fight off his advances (and reminds him of his wife), she too is unable to hold her ground around him.

Peter admits that there’s a chemistry between the two of them that is undeniable and we’re left seeing the two of them getting a little frisky on the couch…

Tahiry tries to mend her relationship with her sister Lexie. Still grappling with the fact that her relationship with Joe Budden is officially over, Tahiry lands herself in hotter waters when her sister calls her for a chat. While that all sounds fine and dandy, the problem is that Tahiry hasn’t spoken to her sis, Lexie, in over five years, which means the call must be serious.

When Tahiry meets Lexie, she not only learns that their father is in danger of losing his home in the Dominican Republic, but he also learns that Lexie has turned her back on her all these years because of Tahiry’s relationship with Joe.

The sisters have a tearful encounter, in which Tahiry practically begs to rekindle their relationship. After meeting up a second time, the sisters seem to be mending their bond and have even come up with a way to help their dad through his financial crisis.

Peter and Erica make bowls of food fly. Of course, the biggest WTF moment has to be the fight between Peter and Erica. According to Erica, Peter was the reason that Erica and Rich broke up and so the Latina has a pretty big chip on her shoulder about it — and she wasn’t afraid to show it. While Rich hoped that he could bring Peter into the business fold by managing Erica, he soon found that Erica’s anger towards Peter ran deep and before we knew it, the two were tossing bowls of food and glasses of water at each other.

Peter told Rich he doesn’t ever want to see Erica again, and Erica questioned whether or not she could really trust Rich.