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Love and Hip Hop star Nya Lee calls herself the “No. 1 stripper in New York,” and she’s got the body to make the claim. But in a recent interview, the Bronx beauty admits that her bodacious backside got a little help from some butt injections.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Nya spoke about the curvaceousness of some womens’ bodies, and admitted. “I have ass shots, I speak about it. I got ass shots probably about four years ago,” before adding “but my sh— looks realistic.”

Though Nya spoke about being completely pleased with her butt augmentations, she insists that she would never recommend anyone to go through with the $1,200 non-FDA approved injections, due to the severity of the consequences.

“It’s done in motels… I mean I did it in my lady’s house and there plenty of girls, there’s girls that email me now asking me and because that’s something I went through and I put myself there, I can’t put nobody through that or refer them to somebody and something happens to them. I don’t even respond... or even influence it.”

Earlier this year, a model who goes by the name of Pebbelz Da Model was arrested for allegedly providing a woman with information on where to get illegal butt injections. The woman died as a result of the compounds injected into her body.

Nya said that she often speaks on the dangers of these injections, despite what she calls her “lucky” outcome.

“This is exactly why I would not refer… I put myself in danger. And I’m honest about it and I love speaking about it so that girls watching can say ‘mm, I don’t think I’ll do it’,” adding “there are still sometimes where I have in the back of my mind like I hope 10 years from now this isn’t f—ing with me for pregnancy or f—ing with me with for my life in general, so there’s still worries… even if it’s good.”

Aside from being a cautionary tale, Nya also says that she’s open and honest about her body augmentations because she “has to be real.”

“I feel like if you go into a situation, owning your flaws … I feel like it’s that much easier to move on,” she said.

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