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Love & Hip Hop fans were treated to an eyeful in the final minutes of the most recent episode when Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz, Peter Gunz, and Amina Buddafly all sat down for a business lunch that quickly escalated into something more physical. Wetpaint Entertainment recently chatted with Peter and his friend, rapper Saigon, who said the only reason Erica “popped off” the way she did, was to stay relevant on the show.

“She’s disgusting… No one would want to speak to Erica right now, if it don’t got to do with me. Not about Rich Dollaz, or her stripper Cyn or girlfriend or whatever. They ask about her fight with me because she knows that my storyline is what’s mostly being taped,” the “Uptown Baby” rapper said, adding “She’s just trying to market off of that. With Erica, it’s a whole business.”

Saigon then chimed in, saying that Erica’s already printing “You Can’t Handle My Mouth Motherf—er” T-shirts as a result of the turbulent interaction with Peter. “She just wanted to make him look bad, so she could get something out of it,” he added.

Peter told Wetpaint he didn’t really know Erica, stating “I didn’t even know the girl. Never formally met her, never checked her Instagram, her social media networks nothing,” but because of his interaction with Rich Dollaz last year (which she claims ruined her relationship with Rich), she decided to manufacture a “beef” with him.

The Bronx native said he only met with Erica that day because Rich asked him to manage Erica in an attempt to try and get back with her — despite knowing that she’s currently in a relationship with fellow model, Cyn Santana.

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“Y’all didn’t see that. And I told her all of this, with Rich sitting right there next to me, but she still got turned up,” he said. And to his misfortune, Peter insisted that he’s been catching the majority of the heat with his outburst with Erica, despite the fact that he tried to be nice to her at the beginning of the conversation.

“You saw me, right? I said hi to her twice, I was calm, I was cordial. But then she opened her mouth,” he said, along with a few choice expletives. “When she told me to suck her d—, I lost it,” Peter said, which he claimed is exactly what Erica wanted.

“The only thing I regret about that situation was I gave her what she wanted. I gave her a reason for people to talk about her because when people do interviews with her, it’s about her beef with me,” Peter said, noting that because his explosive love-triangle storyline makes him the star, Erica was looking for “her opportunity to shine.”

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