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Love & Hip Hop Season 4 saw a lot of confrontations on Episode 7, “Messy All Over the World.” Though Saigon cleared up things with baby mama Erica Jean on Monday night’s episode, it appeared that everyone else had an axe to grind including Peter Gunz, Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena, Tara Wallace, and Amina Buddafly.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Saigon apologizes for his behavior. After the massive blowout over their son’s development, Saigon calls Erica Jean down to the studio to apologize for his behavior. Realizing that he spoke badly about the mother of his child the same way his own father spoke about his mother, the rapper made a pledge to never disrespect Erica, who he calls the number 1 person in their son’s life. After accepting Saigon’s apology, Erica and Saigon decide to make an appointment to speak with a specialist about their son’s speech development.

2. Amina tells Peter to act like her husband. Amina definitely asserted herself on last night’s episode, when she told Peter that enough was enough and he needed to start acting like a husband. The German singer told her husband that she does not want him to spend nights at baby mama Tara’s home, see him wear his ring at all times, and she also wants to meet his children.

3. Rich calls out Erica Mena’s attitude. Rich calls Erica Mena over to the house to talk about the plate-throwing episode with Peter. The conversation starts off pretty rough with Erica immediately going into defense mode telling Rich that Peter is the reason their relationship ended. Rich counters Erica’s claims by telling her that she has to own up to her bad behavior and acknowledge that she can act pretty crazy. At the end of it all, Erica and Rich admit that they still love one another, and Erica tells Rich the only reason she signed on to be his client was an attempt on her part to keep him in her life.

4. Yandy has a moment of weakness. Yandy Smith asks Rich to meet with her to discuss her slight hostility towards him the last time they met. She admits that she’s overly stressed by all that is going on with Mendeecees’s legal drama and that having to be strong all the time is starting to weigh her down.She then breaks down in front of Rich saying she “doesn’t want to be strong all the time.”

The next time we see Yandy, however, there’s a smile on her face when Mendeecees calls her with the great news that he’s got a good chance of getting a bail hearing and could be coming home soon. Yandy is obviously excited over the news and even plans to spend a week with her guy shacked up at home.

5. Peter tells Rich to get rid of Erica. Rich and Peter meet to talk about their not-so-great meeting with Erica Mena. While going over things, Peter essentially gives Rich an ultimatum — either he works with Erica on his own or he dumps Erica and helps manage Amina. When Rich can’t seem to say that he’s done with Erica (because he isn’t), Peter tells Rich that their business relationship (and possible friendship?) is over.

6. Yandy throws Peter under the bus — repeatedly. While partying it up with K. Michelle over the success of her album, Rebellious Soul, going No. 1 on the charts, Kay decides to address the elephant in the room, which is Peter and wife Amina sitting side-by-side with matching wedding bands. After asking Peter when last he slept with baby mama Tara, Yandy gabs that it’s been three weeks.

Much later, Yandy meets with Tara and though she says she’s not “trying to be in their business,” she tells her friend to low down on Peter showing up to the club with Amina wearing matching wedding bands. This obviously pisses Tara off.  

7. Tara gives Peter a piece of her mind. When Tara hears the news that not only is Peter hanging out with her friends K. Michelle and Yandy, but that he’s wearing a wedding band, she becomes livid. Marching down to Peter’s usual basketball court, Tara lets Peter have it by calling him an outright liar, who’s been telling her that he’s willing to divorce Amina in order to win her back (which is obviously not the case). She then demands a sit down between she, Amina, and Peter to get to truth of the matter and know what Peter has been saying to them both all along.

While Peter says that as a grown man, he’s not going to sit for a “he said, she said,” in the promo for next week, we see that Peter in fact sits between to two ladies in his life and let’s the truth out.

Were there any moments from the Love & Hip Hop Season 4, Episode 7, “Messy All Over the World” that had you saying “WTF?”  Sound off below!