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When we last saw Love and Hip Hop star Tara Wallace, she was extremely pissed off by her (at the time) boyfriend, Peter Gunz, who ruined their 13-year relationship by secretly marrying his artist, Amina Buddafly. However, it seems that those days may be long gone. When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the Mississippi actress, she dished about moving forward from Peter’s cheating, and how she’s “excited” about being single.

“I’m excited that I’m single — I haven’t been single in 13 years. I’m excited about being by myself for a moment. You put all this energy and time into something that doesn’t work out you and just have to face facts, let it go and realize it doesn’t end here,” she said, adding “This is the beginning, this is a start to something new, so you have to open up and accept that. ”

As you recall, Peter and Tara were living together when he broke the news that he was cheating on Tara with Amina. Tara was understandably upset, but more so because this wasn’t the first time that Peter led a double life.

“Well first time that happen … there was another woman who thought she was in a monogamous relationship like I thought Peter was in a monogamous relationship with me. When it came out, I was like no, this is done, I can’t deal with this. But over time, and talking the one thing he would say is that ‘I’m not asking you to forget, I’m just asking you to forgive me and make it right.’” Tara said that she let Peter back into her life, but as we’ve all witnessed, the “Uptown Baby” rapper wasn’t able to make good on his words.

And though Tara admits that it hurt the most that Peter “broke his promise,” she says that she’s finally realized his cheating wasn’t all her fault.

“This is not about me, I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t make him do anything and he has issues that are deeper than me,” which prompted her to ultimately leave because she “can’t remain in something that’s dysfunctional.” But that doesn’t change that fact that Tara and Peter still remain in contact — for the sake of their kids.

“He’s the father of my children,” she told us, “which means that we will be in each others’ lives for as long as we’re living and as long as our children are living. At 18 it doesn’t stop, we are parents and we have to find a way to exist.”

Credit: VH1

Currently the two are “working through the issues” for the sake of their kids, but she says it doesn’t mean “that we are together, it doesn’t mean that we are trying to work on a relationship.” Right now Tara’s more intent on taking time to “heal and focus” on herself, which she says is the most important thing. But just because she’s currently working on herself (which includes booking her first off-Broadway play opening in March) doesn’t mean she’s not up to playing the field!

“I’m definitely open to dating!” Tara told us, stating that her ideal date would have to be “with someone very charming,” who was unconventional.

“I would like my ideal date to be an introduction to his world and what he would consider an ideal date because it’s weird a guy can do a lot of things you want him to do, but what attracts you to him is what he does on his own. I like the non-typical things other than a movie or dinner. I’d like to go to a gun range, or helicopter ride, non-traditional things.”

Let’s hope that there’s a nice guy out there for our Tara!

Do you think Tara is over her ex Peter Gunz or do you think she’ll take him back one last time? Sound off your theories in the comments below!