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It looks like the love triangles are abound on this season of Love & Hip Hop, with newcomer Peter Gunz being at the helm of his relationship woes with baby mama Tara Wallace and wife Amina Buddafly. Now Rich Dollaz appears to be in a little triangle of his own — or so he makes it seem.

In a recent interview with Sister2Sister magazine, Rich said that his former girlfriend, co-star Erica Mena, still loves him… even though she’s currently in a relationship with model Cyn Santana.

“You know Erica loves me. I love Erica to death,” he bragged to S2S. “I think that last year was a bit much; I got crazy and we had to take a step back, but we never really took a step back. Now, it’s better than ever.”

He went on to brag that he doesn’t mind “Cyn coming in for a little while. She can borrow Erica for a little while. I think we all know where Erica ends up when this story ends.”

Also at this same interview was Erica, who even said that she and Rich “probably would be married” had it not been for Peter’s intervention… and Rich’s inability to be committed.

“Stuff like that kind of pushes me away,” she told the magazine, adding, “If I’m going to be with Rich like that, I want him all to myself. And Rich isn’t ready for that yet or a commitment.”

Seems to us like Erica and Rich can’t hide their feelings for each other — especially in last week’s televised preview of Love & Hip Hop where we see Erica planting a big ol’ kiss on her former boyfriend at the studio and Rich hinting “we all know how the story ends” in his interview with Reality Tea adding, “if you call me at 7 o’clock in the morning I could probably pass her the telephone.”

Apparently the true nature of their relationship will be revealed on the reunion show. We can only wonder what Cyn thinks about all of this!

Do you think Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena should get back together, or should they go their separate ways once and for all? Sound off with your theories in the comments below!

Source: Sister2Sister/RealityTea