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The love triangle on Love & Hip Hop Season 4 between Amina Buddafly, her husband, Peter Gunz, and his (ex)girlfriend Tara Wallace has been more or less at the forefront. Looking back at it all, Amina admits that Peter was not the man she thought he was, and that she probably shouldn’t have married him.

“We didn’t get married like every other couple. It was just a spontaneous thing that probably should not have happened,” she confessed, adding, “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t married to him.” Ouch!

In the Cocoa Fab interview, Amina went on to detail how much hurt she’s felt having to watch Peter bounce back and forth between herself and Tara and juggle their dysfunctional relationship, as well as hear his numerous interviews where he’s spoken about their marriage in less than glowing terms.

“He has called it a mistake and it hurts me. He says he doesn’t regret being married to me, but he regrets doing it without thinking it through. I know that if I would have thought it through myself, we wouldn’t be married,” she said.

Amina went on to describe that Peter’s bad feelings towards their marriage has everything to do with how he feels he handled the situation with Tara.

“He just feels like what he has done to Tara is ten thousand times worse than what he has done to me. It may be worse,” she admitted, but she later added, “but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt and he should just bash me. He says I shouldn’t be complaining,” however, she feels like she, “always fall[s] short.”

But while Amina does feel that their marriage was a rash decision, she’s determined that they should “make the best of it” because “we actually are together and we do love each other.”

Do you think Amina Buddafly should leave Peter Gunz or should the unconventional couple stay together? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cocoa Fab