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Fans of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta are already getting a sneak peek of the drama to come in Season 3 between former loves Benzino and Karlie Redd. In case you missed it, it looks like Benzino is engaged to his lady, Althea “Thi Thi” Heart, and according to him, Karlie has been questioning their love. Because of this, Zino has been posting non-stop photos of Thi Thi on Twitter and Instagram — and it seems Karlie’s had enough.

It all started when Benzino took to Instagram to show Karlie that he’s definitely moved on from her. His proof? A photo of his new tattoo, which says “Thea.”

“Since @karlieredd wanted to come to MY event to start shit and question MY love for MY WOMAN @luvheraltheaheart Id thought I clear THINGS UP FOR YOU!!!! 💯 #reallovecantbebroke,” he captioned the pic in the early hours of February 6.

Credit: Instagram

The event in question just so happens to be the taping of the grand opening of Sleazy & Zino, the bar and restaurant that Benz co-owns with his castmate, Stevie J., on Wednesday night.  A brawl reportedly broke out involving several of the cast members, and although Benzino’s been trying to keep the “brawl” part of the event under wraps, he did make sure to call out Karlie for being there and trying to make trouble in his relationship.

“Only GOD CAN STOP THIS!!! @iamkarlieredd THAT LIL STUNT YOU PULLED LAST NIGHT ONLY MADE US STRONGER!!!” he captioned a photo of himself with Thi Thi talking to Karlie.

Karlie finally broke her silence later that day when she took to Twitter to say, “Can somebody tell this man @iambenzino that I've upgraded to @iamyungjoc bigger is better!” The tweet included a split photo of, well, both men’s private parts (which she has since taken down).

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A few minutes later, she posted a meme of a traffic jam that reads, “This is what happens when you don’t stay in your lane.” She captioned the photo, “U Don't want to come for me!!!”

Seemingly in retaliation, Benzino then took to Instagram with yet another post of himself and Thi Thi. Later, he posted a meme on Twitter featuring Karlie and Thi Thi with the caption “U mad or nah?”

Why do we think this online back and forth is just the tip of the iceberg? Guess we’ll have to see how it all plays out when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns to VH1 in May 2014!

Which Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star are you rooting for — Karlie Redd or Benzino? Tell us what you think of their online feud in the comments below!

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