Credit: Instagram

The word is out that there was a big “bloody” brawl during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 filming of the grand opening of Benzino and Stevie J.’s bar and restaurant, Sleazy and Zino. According to TMZ, several cast members were injured including Karlie Redd, who was reportedly knocked unconscious. Well, it turns out that Karlie may not have been as bad as they initially were reported because according to the reality star herself, she’s unstoppable.

Karlie took to Instagram on February 7, two days after the “brawl” with a photo of her face looking flawless and the caption “In order to knock me down u have to be able to reach me! @iamkarlieredd #lovinglife.”

Credit: Instagram

Does that mean that the reports are false? Or is Karlie just responding to her ex-boyfriend and co-star, Benzino, who she’s been having an epic online feud with recently?

As you know, Karlie and Benzino have been throwing jabs at each other left and right since Karlie showed up to the grand opening uninvited and tried to “start trouble” with Benzino and his new fiancé, Thi Thi.

While we don’t know whether Karlie’s responding to being knocked out, or throwing a subliminal message to her hates (read: Benzino), we have to admit that she does look unscathed by it all!

Do you think Karlie Redd was addressing rumors of being knocked unconscious or throwing shade at her ex Benzino? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Instagram