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There’s been quite a buzz around whether or not Love & Hip Hop star Yandy Smith’s fiancé, Mendeecees Harris, may be a free man. News of him no longer in federal custody went into overdrive when after months of being away from social media, Mendeecees seemingly posted a photo of himself having a drink asking “y’all missed me?” Though the photo was met with much celebration, Yandy quickly took to the web to tell fans that everything is not as it seems.

“Now that I have a free second...if it doesn't come from me. It's probably not true. You know they love to speculate and exaggerate. @2thejew you got Instagram in a frenzy over that old pic!@babyjunior_stp, Preme...y'all go hard! He sends his love #rorolife #freethatman #nowbacktoworkIgo#filmlife #2daysinharlem,” Yandy captioned a photo of friends rocking “Free Mandeecees” sweaters.

Credit: Instagram

It’s going on 11 months since Mendeecees turned himself in on charges of drug trafficking with two other men, including his own brother. This past season of Love & Hip Hop saw Yandy searching for answers from Mendeecees’s attorney as to when her baby daddy would obtain a bail hearing, in hopes of being released. It was rumored at one point that Mens was secretly sentenced to 15 years in prison, however, Mendeecees’s lawyer, Donald Thompson, informed the public that was entirely false.

Uptown magazine recently reported that it appears Mens has been released from federal custody, but from the looks of things, he’s not entirely a free man yet. And since Yandy is telling folks the courts need to “#freethatman,” we’re completely confused about the true nature of the entire situation.

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