Credit: Instagram

Not but a few days ago, we wondered whether or not Erica Dixon and her boyfriend, O’Shea Russell, called it quits thanks to a suspicious Instagram photo the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star posted on online. Though we concluded that Erica and her main man were still together, it turns out that the two have actually split!

Erica took to Instagram on February 23 with a smiling selfie she captioned, “Single looks good on me!#focused #blessed#stopflexing,” and of course we’re all in tears about it — even if she isn’t.

Credit: Instagram

Last week, Erica took to IG with a meme that had three relationship statuses. Of the three, “busy getting money,” was checked off, causing fans (us included) to speculate that there was a bit of trouble in paradise.

What caused even more concern, was the fact that Erica even went to Twitter to say “A lot on my mind....... Can't sleep. Say a prayer for me tweeps.” Could that have been the moment Erica and O’Shea decided to end their relationship? As you know, Erica is currently working extra hard to launch her new dress line, Klass 6, and O’Shea is usually on the road pursuing his modeling endeavors… maybe their busy schedules played a part in their demise?

Despite it all, it does appear that these two have been pretty amicable about their breakup — as far as Twitter and Instagram are concerned.

Hopefully, we’ll get a glimpse into how this all happened when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns to VH1 this May!

Source: Instagram