Credit: Instagram

It appears that almost every cast member of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has parlayed their reality stardom into a makeup line, fashion line, and/or new music. Now it’s Momma Dee’s turn to use her new-found popularity it appears that the former pimp is looking to publish a book and drop a new single!

On March 4, Momma Dee took to Twitter in search of book publishers, and then on March 6, the Atlanta mama announced, “Just left the meeting with book publisher, the palace is growing.” Later, she re-tweeted assistant Alcarro Grier’s tweet that read, “Just left a meeting with @ThaRealMommaDee with booking publishing company#Achangeiscoming.

Credit: Instagram

Last year, Momma Dee announced that she was in the process of writing a book entitled My Life, describing her life as a pimp and some of the city officials and corporate customers that bankrolled her lifestyle.

Oh, but that’s not all!

Momma Dee is also set to walk in her son Lil Scrappy’s footsteps and release music! The soon-to-be musician posted a photo of herself in the studio on Instagram, though Momma has since deleted the photo.

“At Star Studios working on my new single with @bighomme @chrisflamebeats s/o to my label @grandjuryrecords @swaggmediatv,” she captioned the photo before it was deleted.  Who knew that Momma Dee had musical chops!

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Sources: Twitter/Instagram