Credit: Instagram

Former Love & Hip Hop star K. Michelle has quite a bit on her plate these days, what with two reality shows in the works, a musical in production, raising her son, and being on tour with Robin Thicke. Well, it looks like all that stress just might have taken its toll on poor Kay, who fell ill this past Wednesday and had to be hospitalized for exhaustion!

The Official K. Michelle fan page took to Facebook to alert fans, “K. Michelle has fallen ill due to exhaustion and unfortunately will be unable to perform tonight at The Fox Theatre Detroit. Thank you to all the fans for understanding. K. Michelle will be back in Detroit soon!”

Credit: Instagram

Kay was met with so much support, that she took to Instagram today to thank her fans for all their love.

“Thanks to everyone who sent up prayers for me. I’m out the hospital and feeling better today,” the Memphis native posted to Instagram with the simple caption “ Thanks Rebels.”

We can only hope that K. Michelle gets better and soon! She’s got quite a few more tour dates to go before you can go home and after that, this gal is going to be knee deep in various projects including new music!

Feel better soon, Kay!

Source: Instagram/Facebook