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On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 (“Leaked”), Stevie J. threatened his baby mama, Mimi Faust, about taking legal action to take away their 3-year-old daughter, Eva, in light of Mimi’s newfound sex tape fame. Mimi told Stevie that it would never happen especially since the not-so-single mom alluded that Stevie’s a bit of a deadbeat dad.

“That’s none of [Stevie]’s business how much money I have. He don’t help me with Eva,” Mimi revealed on the Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith on V103 in Atlanta. “Me and Nikko take care of the baby.”

During this past Wednesday’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi admitted one of her motivations behind signing over her sex tape to porn production company Vivid included using the profits to help raise her daughter and send her to college.

Mimi’s claim that she and Nikko take care of Eva is pretty interesting since we’ve seen Stevie J. boast that he’s got a lot of money that he will “put up to make sure his daughter is taken care of.” All this talk of him not providing for his daughter also doesn’t help his image since he’s currently being sued by a different baby mama for $1.2 million in back child support.

Regardless of it all, we really do hope that both Mimi and Stevie can put all their, as Joseline Hernandez says, “shenanigans” behind them and focus on doing what’s best for their baby girl.

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Source: Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith via YouTube