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And things continue to get messier for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast members Stevie J. and his baby mama, Mimi Faust. As of late, these two have been slinging mud against each other on the airwaves with Stevie saying Mimi “sold her soul” for a story arc, and Mimi accusing Stevie of not taking care of their daughter, Eva. Now, Mimi has taken to social media to show fans that Stevie is threatening her life!

"All of this because of a truthful radio interview I did about @hitmansteviej_1 not taking care of his daughter. Be careful who y'all praise. Don't let the cameras fool you!! #TheDevilIsALiar,” Mimi captioned a screenshot of a text conversation between her and her “Sperm Donor” (who we are to assume is Stevie J.) in which Sperm Donor says that Mimi’s dad isn’t going to be the only one because “Karma is a b—!”

Credit: Instagram

As you know, Mimi took to Instagram just yesterday, May 8, to let fans know that her father passed away and according to Sperm Donor, Mimi just might be next.

Fans tried to rationalize the text message, saying that it may not be Stevie J., that Mimi may have deleted text messages that instigated a response, or that Mimi doesn’t deserve sympathy after her decision to sell the rights to distribute her sex tape. Some fans even assumed that the text was taken out of context or actually sent for Nikko (since she claims Nikko takes care of Eva), but Mimi wasn’t pleased at all about it and took to Twitter to say, “We both made mistakes, ABSOLUTELY!! But if y'all think that text was appropriate on a day like this u should judge yourself b4 judging me!!

For the remainder of the day, Mimi posted photos of boyfriend Nikko’s attempt to cheer her up ( two pairs of high-end designer shoes) as well as a portrait baby Eva drew to put a smile on her mom’s face.

We don’t know about you, but this situation seems to be spinning drastically out of control, regardless of whether Stevie sent those insensitive texts.

What do you think of the mysterious text messages Mimi posted? What are your thoughts and theories? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Mimi Faust on Instagram, Twitter