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On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Joseline Hernandez meets newbie Tammy Rivera. They initially appear to hit it off, but things go south pretty quickly after Joseline criticizes Tammy’s clothing options when asked for her help on an upcoming photoshoot. Joseline essentially made fun of Tammy’s fashion sense (as a professional stylist and clothing designer) and guys, she’s decided to take her insults to social media, too.

Just a day after the airing of Episode 5, “Party Foul”, Joseline hopped on Instagram with a photo of the dress Tammy bought on consignment —  as modeled by a high schooler at a 2011 prom. Moments later, Joseline posted a split picture of Tammy in the same dress next to the high school student with the caption, “This hoe trying to tell somebody fashion thrifty ass.”

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While some fans found the side-by-side photo hilarious, many thought it was petty of Joseline to post a photo of the harmless teen who wore the gown Tammy offered Joseline to wear — even if it was to prove that Tammy had worn the same old dress some time ago.  

As it stands, Tammy hasn’t directly responded to Joseline’s online jab, but she did retweet her fans who said Joseline was threatened by Tammy’s superior looks, in addition to a post that compared Joseline to John Leguizamo’s  drag character in To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar.

Credit: Instagram

But the final nail in the coffin was Tammy’s re-post of a IG photo of her marriage license to new husband, Waka Flocka Flame (which she later deleted). As you know Joseline and Stevie J.’s marriage has been called into question this season, with co-stars Mimi Faust claiming that the couple don’t even have a marriage certificate.

Joseline may say that Tammy has no taste in clothes, but she does have a certificate to prove her marriage!

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Source: Joseline Hernandez on Instagram, Tammy Rivera on Twitter