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Atlanta model Erica Pinkett has been getting a lot of attention recently thanks to her new gig as a star on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, but guys, it seems like things are getting really dangerous. Just recently, a pretty infamous gossip site reported that Erica P. was attacked at a nightclub a couple days ago. Of course we had our doubts about the incident, but guys, a recent Instagram post from the reality star is giving us the feeling that part of the rumors just might be true!

It all started with gossip site Mediatakeout ran a story claiming that Pinky was brutally attacked by an alleged friend of her rival, Bambi, at the Taboo 2 nightclub in Atlanta on June 8. Scores of fans took to Instagram to question the video vixen about the events of the night, but Erica remained pretty mum about it, even tweeting and talking to friends in her comments section as usual. However, one of Erica P.’s recent post took a very different turn when she posted the following message with this corresponding caption:

Credit: Instagram

To all of the people who have reached out to make sure I'm ok thank you so much!" Erica starts, continuing, "No one understands the pain and hurt I am currently enduring! It is absolutely pathetic and disgusting what happened to me at an event that started off positive! Everyone was having a great time and the club was packed! But when people take reality tv too far, that's where the line draws! I can't speak on the specifics but everyone involved will be going to jail! And I won't let up on this I promise! I would never come to any event of a person I didn't like just to attack them! I know the difference between entertainment and real life! I could've died if @shanodjohnsonhnic and @sobella_boutique didn't come looking for me! All it takes is 1 wrong move and someone could die! It ain't that serious people but when things like this happen, things get serious! God bless y'all and I'd appreciate your understanding in this matter! I will be ok because my God is awesome.

According to the rumor, Erica was attacked with a weapon and required an extensive amount of stitches. The reality star has yet to confirm or deny if that’s entirely the case, but did post a selfie looking as pretty as she does on TV. Whatever the case, color us worried.

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Source: Mediatakeout, Erica Pinkett on Instagram