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Things have gone from pretty to pretty dangerous for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 newcomers Erica Pinkett and Bambi. This past weekend it was rumored Erica P. was the victim of a brutal attack at a nightclub in Atlanta. While Erica didn’t go into much detail at the time, the model has since opened up, saying the rumor one of Bambi’s friends attacked her is in fact true.

Erica P., aka Pinky, hopped on Instagram on June 12 to post a photo of her bandaged arm, which was reportedly slashed by a razor blade after the reality star exited a bathroom at the Taboo 2 nightclub on Sunday, June 8.

Progress! God is the best healer,” Pinkey captioned the photo. As fans showered the star with support, she commented there was nothing funny about being attacked and implicated Bambi in the process.

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This s—t ain't funny at all hun! I was minding my business at my event and Bambi sent her little lipstick gang to attack me when I was coming out the bathroom and there was a razor blade involved! Not cool on any level! This is a show! Just entertainment I would never send anyone to her events! But I'm doing better,” she commented at one user, while telling another, “I can't even do regular s—t anymore! Like damn I never knew jealousy was so deep.”   

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But guys, Bambi is not taking any of these implications lightly. After seeing her name circulated on the internet as an alleged person involved in this gruesome attack, Bambi also took to Instagram. “I'm not going to be arrogant and say I don't owe anyone any explanation for the things that's been said on these blogs and other sites. Anyone who has been following me knows the love and respect I have for my supporters, so this is for you guys,” she said. Bambi also posted the following statement on June 11:

“The recent rumors circulating are very disturbing, not to mention completely fabricated. I feel it is necessary to make it clear to my supporters that I was not involved in any recent altercation, no present at any venue in which an altercation occurred.” 

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“I would never provoke any members of the LipStick Gang to confront anyone or cause harm to another individual,” Bambi goes on to say, later adding, “Television only shows a snippet of my life, and I have always been prepared to take the criticism that comes along with that.”

Sigh. Pinkey asserts that she will be turning things over to the proper authorities and seeking justice in the matter. Hopefully when that happens, we can all get some clarity.

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Sources: Erica Pinkett on Instagram, Bambi on Instagram