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There’s no better way to prove that you’re a good dad than to have a fun-filled family day with your kids… especially when you were arrested on charges stemming from owing more than $1 million in child support. But even after being arrested, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J. is making sure that the public knows he’s all about loving and supporting his kids, and this past week, Stevie and his wife, Joseline Hernandez, welcomed two of Stevie’s six children to join his youngest daughter (with ex Mimi Faust), Eva Giselle, for family time.

The Gang! #thejordans” Stevie captioned a photo of himself, his son, and two daughters.

Credit: Instagram

In addition to spending time in the pool at Stevie’s “castle,” the gang had a time of it eating some deliciously addictive Popeye’s chicken before heading on over for rollercoaster fun with Stevie’s newly signed artist at Six Flags!

It’s pretty great to see that Stevie J. is making time for his family, but will it be enough to keep the former Bad Boy producer from paying that hefty bill? According to Stevie’s attorney, David Meachum, the reality star won’t have to. He believes that “if there is an amount owed, it is definitely not a million dollars, nor anything close to that amount” since Stevie has always been a great dad both emotionally and financially.

Do you think Stevie J. will have to fork over over $1 million in back child support? Tell us your theories in the comments below!

Source: Stevie J. on Instagram, Joseline Hernandez on Instagram