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And it looks like another friendship in the music world bites the dust. Former besties K. Michelle and “Refill” singer Elle Varner have called it quits over Elle Varner’s rumored relationship with rapper Meek Mills, who apparently dated K. Michelle back in the day. After taking to Instagram with her slick wit over a photo of Meek and Elle together, Elle responded as hate-free as she possibly could.

“That’s unfortunate that she feels the way that she feels. I don’t. I never have. That’s something — I can’t. I don’t do drama,” Elle told The Jasmine Brand.  

When the picture in question surfaced on Meek’s Instagram, which Elle later reposted, Kay took to Instagram: “People be smiling in the pictures not knowing they getting dissed in the caption. HA! You definitely need a REFILL as thirsty as you are. Jokes on you and you didn’t even know it!” later reposting the same photo and adding, “I hope you get attention from that cuz you sure don’t get it from your music.” Kay has since pulled the insults from her social media.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Elle Varner and K. Michelle's Ex Meek Mills

Elle, however, seems to be taking it in stride, telling The Jasmine Brand, “If anyone remembers the Meek Mill drama and me saying I curved him.” This was the first time Elle saw Meek since accidently telling fans she avoided his advances, and said the two were able to laugh the mishap off.

“It was funny,” Elle said. “It got taken out of proportion. Whatever she took from that is not my problem.”  

It appears Kay took a lot from the photo, especially since she and Meek dated once (though he called it a fling). This new development seems to have only added to what may have been an on-going deterioration in their friendship after Elle claimed to have solely written her song, “Cold Case,” which K. Michelle told fans she help co-write.

Sigh. We can only hope these two work things out… especially since Elle might have already taped scenes for Kay’s upcoming reality spin-off.

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