Credit: Instagram

Everyone knows Love & Hip Hop alum K. Michelle to be pretty quick-witted when it comes to responding to the media’s comments about her. Well guys, the Memphis beauty put her sharp tongue to the task yet again when a couple of fans decided to call out K. Michelle’s rotund rump.

It seems like the whole thing started last week, when during a Twitter Q&A Kay-Kay revealed just how she got her plump derrière:

“Try working out and fat transfer. That’s what I did,” K. Michelle told a fan who asked about her bootyliciousness. It’s been no secret that Kay has got some work done to push her glutes back into place, but it appears that after the Q&A, some fans took it upon themselves to trash her cheeks and K. Michelle didn’t back down.

Credit: Instagram

“I post the pictures and watch all the ugly chicks hate. We get it. You think my ass is fake; you think looking like Spongebob is better. Understand this you man Loves it. My DM’s will hurt your feelings. Now carry on miserable. Go to sleep ugly and wake up ugly. Salute to my real chicks. I love y’all support!”  Kay posted to Instagram with the caption, “I said what I said.”

Though we can never be sure if Kay was talking to one fan in particular or not, we think she definitely got the point across: Some of y’all ain’t ready for this jelly.

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Source: K. Michelle on Instagram