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By now, you’ve probably heard that a ton of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast were engaged in a crazy brawl during the Season 3 reunion show, which filmed this Tuesday, July 15. And while Wetpaint Entertainment was there to see it go down live, the stars of the show are giving you the inside scoop on what happened from their own perspective.

Credit: AOL Photo: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Involved in Massive Fight at Reunion (VIDEO)

“3 hoes 1 hour! Back to back,” Joseline Hernandez dished on Twitter, letting fans know that she was able to take down quite a few of her co-stars, while Althea Heart responded, “I hate fighting but she hit me first I had to defend myself.” Tammy Rivera didn’t go into much detail, but she too said, “I'm done filming with this Love & Hip Hop s—t til they start drug testing these #PromFein ass bitches.”

Benzino also dished a lot of the dirt when he took to Instagram saying, “Please dont be fooled by the hype @thebaddestputa1 jumped of the couch 1st attacked ThiThi and got her ass WOOOPED! Now I dont condone VIOLENCE BUT @luvheraltheaheart had to defend herself, now AFTER security grabbed THITHI JOSE WENT FOR TAMMY AND THEN DEB [ANTNEY] WOOPED HER THEN AFTER SECURITY BROKE THAT UP JOSE WENT DOWNSTAIRS WITH HER PIMP AND THAT COWARD LET JOSELINE BEAT UP MIMI [FAUST]!! Now THATS THE TRUTH!”

Stevie J. didn’t say too much, but to defend his character by tweeting,"Contrary to beliefs, would never want Joseline or Mimi to fight & never would I aid in a girlfight.” And Mimi told fans that they shouldn't believe everything they hear, before deleting whatever juicy picture she had to offer on Instagram. 

While we’re not sure how much of the fighting will actually make it to air, we have to say that this reunion show was definitely one for the books.

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