Credit: Instagram Photo: Pregnant Amina Buddafly at Music Video Shoot

It’s tough enough to be pregnant — you gain weight, are super hormonal, and oh yeah, are carrying around a growing life form in your body — so we can only imagine how much harder it is to be pregnant and a former reality star just about everyone likes to judge. But Love & Hip Hop Season 4 star Amina Buddafly takes it all in stride. And when fans decided to spew a ton of hate her way recently, the expectant mother had a couple of words for the haters.

On July 24, the German-born took to Instagram with a photo that read, “a broke father that spends time with his child is better than a rich one that only sends checks.” The mom-to-be captioned the photo by saying, “much better!!... (since y’all wanna keep sayin’ how broke we r... lol).

Credit: Instagram

The photo comes several days after Amina posted a pic or two of her and hubby, Peter Gunz, working on the music video for their next joint single.

We hope the haters got their last hoorah out of Amina. According to this lady, she’s officially 9 months preggo, which means her baby girl with Peter may very well be on her way soon!

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Source: Amina Buddafly on Instagram